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3rd April 2015, 11:35
I have installed Scummvm for the amiga to run some old dos games.
Mainly I want to play Full Throttle on my A1200 060@50mhz.
My CF HDD wont keep up when reading the recorded speech and videos.
I have seen youtube videos where it works really well and smooth on 060.
In sysinfo my DH0 and DH1 speed is 1,763,300 bytes/sec.
I thought this would be fast enough as the games back then read at 300k/s cd-rom.
Do I need to purchase a faster CF card? , the one I have is really cheep, ( $15 for 2GB ).
Any help would be great.


3rd April 2015, 11:56
In theory, the CF speed shouldn't be a problem, but maybe - just maybe, although the original release didn't need more than 300kb of throughput, the way ScummVM works, raises the requirements. If that's the case, I'm not sure that by changing your CF with a faster one would do you much good. My guess would be that you need a faster interface like a scsi, a fastata or an ide express. Also, what's the filesystem you've been using on your CF and how many buffers have you allocated to it?

3rd April 2015, 12:23
Actually, with scummvm drive speed is very important. If you can use scsi or a fastata you will get better results. Another drive won't change you raw speeds.

Some things you can try to optimise. Add more buffers, use a file system like sfs or pfs3 and patch the scsi device with a new version, cosmos ones perform the fastest. Maybe then you can achieve over 2mb/sec. Only the scsi device will effect the raw speed though.

3rd April 2015, 12:44
How do I partition and format the HDD with fastest file system for OS 3.9 ?

3rd April 2015, 13:15
You'll be fine for games that don't use video sequences but full throttle you'll need more throughput on the ide.

What about file system., buffers and scsi device? You can at least try this for free.

3rd April 2015, 14:07
I can only set to FFS file system.
I have doubled the buffer but no change :(

3rd April 2015, 14:40
You need to have a read of some guides and do some research to get the most out of your hardware.

3rd April 2015, 18:50
Check this guide here:

I doubt it'll solve all your speed problems, but you'll at least get *some* improvement. If you have enough fast ram (preferably 64 or more), I'd suggest, despite what the guide in that link says, to set the buffers at 500. Good luck!

I can only set to FFS file system.
I have doubled the buffer but no change :(