View Full Version : Can old amiga software run on amigaone ?

3rd April 2015, 14:15
Just wondering if you can run old amiga software like demos and games on the AmigaOne ?


3rd April 2015, 14:39
No demos or games work. Only stuff like word processors.

3rd April 2015, 14:57
To put it better, most os friendly stuff works, for everything else you can use runinuae which runs via emulation but directly from the os.

3rd April 2015, 15:14
WHDLoad does not run on a AmigaOS 4.1 Classic machine, does it? Or does it detect and use the 680x0 on the PPC card?

3rd April 2015, 16:32
OS4 can not make use of the 68k CPU on a Classic machine, it always uses Petunia (the built-in emulator). The problem with games and demos is that they would need direct access to all the other hardware too, not just the 68k. It's best to just have a dual boot system with 3.x installed.

3rd April 2015, 23:17
OP isn't talking about OS4.1 Classic, he talks about AmigaOne which is purely PPC based and has no 68k or other classic hardware inside so dual booting 3.x isn't possible.