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6th April 2015, 15:36
Feeling kinda stupid here....
A while ago I acquired this Commodore 486. I need to open the case because the CMOS battery is (near) dead and I need to find out which type it is. I really want to save this one.
Only problem: I can't open it :)
I have experience in these matters but this case shows no apparent screws so I need help :please:
It'll be probably a stupid thing but I can't seem to get any movement in it and I'm afraid to break or bend something.


6th April 2015, 15:40
I would remove that screw in the back .. middle .. just to be sure. Then I would smack it with both my hands on the side of the case sliding/smacking the case forward :D

Totally at your own risk of course .. but that's what I would do :thumbsup:

I don't remember ever opening one of these puppies.

6th April 2015, 15:44
I tried removing that screw but so far no luck. I'm guessing it's a bit tight after all these years. I don't even know if it slides off or if I have to lift the shell.
I'll wait for some more advice before slapping this PC hehe.

6th April 2015, 15:53
I found some photos of the PC on Google. Looks like DutchinUSA is right. There are slots on either side of the chassis to slide the case in/out.



6th April 2015, 15:57
Course, try carefully pushing first but I have found that once these haven't been opened for a while they're kind of stuck and need a little bit of "help" :)

6th April 2015, 15:57
Hmmm I'll go give it another try but sliding the case to the rear seems to do nothing :( I know pretty sure it slides off to the rear because to the front, the front panel is blocking it.
Seems really stuck.

6th April 2015, 16:00
According to those photos the case lid slides to the front along with the front panel and leaves the inner smaller panels behind. :unsure:


6th April 2015, 16:02
On this picture you can see how the floppy drives etc stay while the rest of the front should slide forward with the case: http://vinc.prv.pl/text/299e3ed5-1778.html

- - - Updated - - -

Great minds :thumbsup: .. lol

6th April 2015, 16:09
Didn't check all the pictures...I'm piling up the f***-ups today hehe.
But hey, the case opened like you guys said. Thanks!!!!
Now to tackle the CMOS bit...seems at first sight that it's a Dallas type chip.
*EDIT* it's a Timekeeper MK48T87B24

Any ideas for pimping this baby when I get it 100% working?
At this point it's kinda vanilla with 8MB RAM, 240MB HD and onboard?? VGA.

6th April 2015, 17:11
You'd have to check what addons/upgrades would work with that system and if the OS you choose will also support them. I s'pose it depends on what you want to do with it really. After sorting the electrical bits I think I would have a go at Retro-brighting the front panels, if it were mine. :)

Good luck :thumbsup:

6th April 2015, 17:13
The CMOS chip is soldered to the board. I hoped it was a socketed one. Seems I need the help of a skilled solderer now first damn.