View Full Version : Wanted Amitek Hawk Amiga 1200 8mb Ram Expansion

18th April 2015, 12:06
Hello, I would like an 8mb Ram expansion for the trapdoor of the A1200.

18th April 2015, 12:07
Thank you :thumbsup:

18th April 2015, 12:14
I need to ask something: Is there a problem with the Amitek Hawk Ram board and the Classic Workbench? I read somewhere that there is a known issue, for some reason Classic Workbench does not seem to work with this board in the 8mb configuration.
Is that true?

18th April 2015, 12:20
Mine works well, but I have a clone Hawk with FPU and 8MB, not the original Amitek

18th April 2015, 12:56
Ok then, I would like to buy any 8mb fastram expansion board that is fully functional, regardless if it is the original Amitek or not.

18th April 2015, 16:03
Pm send.

19th April 2015, 03:17
Regrading your question. A1200 ram expansions do have an issue. If more than 4MB ram is added to the A1200 it can disable the pcmcia port. This is probably what you meant. This only affects ram only expansions. Accelerator cards which provide their own faster cpu and ram do not suffer from this because they map their own ram differently.

The same issue affects A600 too.

19th April 2015, 03:30
The above is true except for the 8mb mtec/viper accelerators.

19th April 2015, 07:51
If I do not want to use the pcmcia port ever, is there still a problem with using the 8mb fastram with the A1200 for playing games under whdload?

19th April 2015, 10:14
If I do not want to use the pcmcia port ever, is there still a problem with using the 8mb fastram with the A1200 for playing games under whdload?

No... For normal WHDLoad use there should be no problem...
But if you plan to transfer the game files/folders somehow, the pcmcia cf adapter is the easiest way. You should consider that, before - practically - loosing pcmcia function...

19th April 2015, 10:45
If I want to transfer the game files/folders to the CF card, I will just open the case, remove the CF card, plug it into the PC card reader, make the transfer and the put it back in the A1200. What is the use of the pcmcia function in that case? I will not add any other device (for example a DVD).
I have another question. What is the scsi function in an expansion board? What do I did it for?

20th April 2015, 10:20
OK, you can do that kind of transfer but you understand that it's not the easiest and most comfortable way to exchange files. It's up to you though...

The SCSI interface is used to connect of course - what else - SCSI devices, that means hard disks, cd roms etc and take advantage of the much higher transfer rates than ide.

21st April 2015, 08:05
SCSI is an alternative method of connecting devices to a computer. Similar to IDE, but normally faster on the Amiga for data transfer and with a few advantages. IDE only allows a maximum of 4 devices per controller in 2 master and slave configurations, whereas SCSI connects devices in a daisy chain method up to 7 devices, each assigned a SCSI ID Number from 0 to 7. It can be harder to setup than IDE and more expensive. If you are only playing games just stick with the A1200's built in IDE port and CF card.

The advantages of using the PCMCIA port for file transfer is using a PCMCIA to CF card adapter, you can just copy files to the card on the PC, put the card in the adapter and plug it into the Amiga to access them. No need to remove the device being used as the hdd inside the Amiga, and no need to mount it in the PC via emulation.

You might find it hard to locate a memory only expansion for the A1200 as they are getting rare, meaning more expensive. For not much more you might be able to find an accelerator which wouldn't affect the PCMCIA port, would make using the Amiga a much smoother and faster experience, and let you install much more memory. . 16mb being a good amount. The best for gaming is still the Blizzard 1230 mk-iv.