View Full Version : Sold zx spectrum 128+2 A/B power supply

27th April 2015, 09:54
i have a fully working spectrum 128+2 A/B power supply.

im looking for 10 through paypal as gift or pay the charges.

unit has been serviced recently and in good working condition.and its a uk unit so bare that in mind if your interested.
also this is not for use on the 128+3 even though its the same pinout at the plug...

uk only, unless you really want to pay for shipping.it weighs a little over 2kg without packaging.

ill put a picture up later.

NOTE:if you have one thats faulty and this is to replace it, let me know as i can repair these...if your willing to ship it to me and pay for parts and labor.
ill open a service thread for that in a bit...


8th May 2015, 13:14
price lowered:)

30th May 2015, 17:13
Declaring interest pending questions.
PM message sent.

30th May 2015, 17:31
just a sec as i nearly forgot about this...

EDIT: pm answered:)

31st May 2015, 18:22
just a sec as i nearly forgot about this...

EDIT: pm answered:)

Payment sent.


31st May 2015, 20:11
payment accepted with thanks,tracking sent via pm.

this is now sold to jumpinjackson.

it will be on its way to you tomorrow morning on my way to work:)

could a kind mod mark this as sold please.

1st June 2015, 15:29
ive just got back in,i have dropped this of this morning its on its way:)