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23rd June 2010, 19:29
I'd like to obtain an XT or AT-era PC or clone of some kind. Essential requirements:
Pre-386 processor (preferably.) Speeds higher than 4.77MHz would be nice but not required.
640KB of RAM (or more, but that's not particularly necessary.)
Hard drive of some kind (PATA/IDE preferred.) A BIOS with flexible drive-size handling would be nice if it's a PATA/IDE drive, but not absolutely necessary.
A 3.5" floppy drive or just a controller capable of handling one (I have at least 4 on hand :D)
I'd take a laptop, but it must have a color display and an SB/OPL-compatible chipset.
CGA or EGA video preferred. (If it's an EGA, I'd like to obtain a compatible monitor, but that'd be dependent on shipping costs.)
A serial mouse would be handy, but I can get one elsewhere if you don't have a spare on hand.
Owing to the general bulk of these things, shipping from outside the US or Canada would probably be prohibitive, but I'm willing to hear all offers. I'm not looking to pay a lot for this, since I'm not actively seeking a collector's item like the 5150 PC; I'd be willing to pay between $20 and $50, depending on shipping costs. Anybody looking to unload something like this?

23rd June 2010, 22:25
I'll be trowing a 386 system away in a couple of day's. :nod: It's from a friend who want's the data destroyed, so nobody can get his private data....

23rd June 2010, 22:29
Any idea what kind of setup it is? If you wouldn't mind checking postage to the US, I might be interested...

23rd June 2010, 23:04
If you can wait untill tomorrow evening, I'll be more informative. Kind of lazy at 23:55 right know.

I need to format it anyhow, I promised to destroy his data, and it needs to move out..

But I am quite sure about the 386 part because my friend has a very high IQ and very good memory, does not know sh*** about computers, but he probably remembers what others told him. And I see a small tower case, small flops, big flop, AT, with speed leds, the old din keyboard plug, the dos-windows 3.0 fact so ..

23rd June 2010, 23:15
Heh, interesting. I think typically the speed LEDs indicate a pre-386 processor, but I have seen exceptions. I think shipping will be the big concern, but we'll see how that turns out.

24th June 2010, 00:12
I have an orignal 086 motherboard and chip - all on ISA 1 - its looking for a good home

I will get it out tomorrow if you are interested to take some pics.

24th June 2010, 00:28
I have an orignal 086 motherboard and chip - all on ISA 1 - its looking for a good home

I will get it out tomorrow if you are interested to take some pics.
Well, again, shipping might be a concern, but I'd definitely be interested in hearing about it.

Crazily, I cannot seem to find any in my area. Even the local recycling center, which is stocked to the brim with discarded office equipment from days past (just picked up an amber-screen terminal, which they have a room full of) doesn't seem to have any pre-Pentium PCs. Huh.

24th June 2010, 02:07
Do you have an amiga 2000?

The A2286 (http://www.amiga-hardware.com/showhardware.cgi?HARDID=329) card might be a desirable upgrade.

24th June 2010, 02:13
Nah, just a 500, albeit an upgraded one.

24th June 2010, 02:21
Nah, just a 500, albeit an upgraded one.

Its not upgraded with either a GVP 530 Turbo or GVP A500HD+ is it?

Because the GVP286 (http://www.amiga-hardware.com/showhardware.cgi?HARDID=332) might be cool.

Sorry for going off topic here, I just love the idea of these bridgeboards. :D

Good luck finding a 286 to suit your needs. :thumbsup:

24th June 2010, 02:52
Yeah, they're cool and all, but I like to have the computer itself and not an emulation; otherwise I'd just use DOSBox ;)

24th June 2010, 05:50
I have two that I received as a donation. They're in my storage room at the moment, but I'll take them out in a few days and let you know exactly the specs. I know that one is a passive motherboard with all the active components on ISA cards and that they both use MFM/RLL disks. They're probably right what you're looking for. If I remember correctly, one is an AT, the other I can't be sure about.

24th June 2010, 06:10
Okay, cool. Shipping from BC would be a lot more manageable :) By "MFM/RLL disks," are you referring to the hard disk? Is that referring to a particular interface? I'm afraid my knowledge on HD technology pretty much only goes back to the AT...

24th June 2010, 06:42
MFM is defenetely very old school technology. I never had one mainstream.

It's technology from probably first 286 and before.

24th June 2010, 19:55
What a piece of sh** compared to an a3000. LOL HD is dead..

Boots and tells me 4 mb in one bank 386 no speed, speed indicator on 33 mhz.. Feeling frustrated, I am not going to power this piece of sh*Ļonce more...

http://img155.imageshack.us/img155/338/build1k.jpg (http://img155.imageshack.us/i/build1k.jpg/)

http://img717.imageshack.us/img717/7176/afbeelding2s.jpg (http://img717.imageshack.us/i/afbeelding2s.jpg/)

The paper are written instructions what I need to do

Please note this is no build by me, normally the com ports are fitted in the case to free up isa space etc...

24th June 2010, 20:05
Is the hard drive an IDE drive? If it is you can just remove the dead one, since I have plenty of small-capacity IDE drives I can replace it with. Otherwise, this looks like a good potential candidate. Any idea what shipping would be to US zip code 55783?

24th June 2010, 20:30
it's ide.

Posting no idea yet, you can alway's ask at TNT won't be cheap.; I can check the Belgian post office

24th June 2010, 20:50
Hmm. When you get a chance to check, this looks like a potentially good candidate, but I do want to wait and see if TheRogue's systems are what I'm looking for, since it'd be a lot cheaper to get one from Canada...

25th June 2010, 03:40
By MFM/RLL I am referring to hard disks. They are old technologies predating IDE. MFM being modified frequency modulation and RLL being Run Length Limited. The drives were almost the same between the two interfaces, just the encoding differed. RLL offered increased capacity on the same medium. You could sometimes get away with using an MFM disk for RLL, but the disks specifically produced for RLL were produced with a better magnetic medium to account for the increased data density, similar to how using a DD floppy for HD data will often fail. The drives used an interface similar to the shugart floppy interface, with an additional cable on top of the regular 34 pin cable. Many early SCSI disks were in fact MFM/RLL disks with a MFM/RLL to SCSI converter. I will take the machines out after my girlfriend leaves and let you know what exactly they are. If you're interested I will take them to the post office for a quote.

25th June 2010, 04:39
Oh, I'm definitely interested. The odd HD format isn't a problem, I just wanted to know what an MFM/RLL HD was. Any idea what the capacity is, or whether the controller's removable so's I could replace it with an IDE controller if necessary?

25th June 2010, 18:03
IIRC, RLL/MFM disk are 10Mb when just one is used, and 21Mb when two are in the same controller.

Don't ask me how the extra Mb shows up, I'm not that old.

29th June 2010, 03:44
jvdbossc and TheRogue, just curious if you've had a chance to check shipping costs?

8th July 2010, 05:07
Update: a member on another forum contacted me; he's only a few hours from where I live and is looking to get rid of a machine that fits my needs just about perfectly. Thanks to everyone for their offers and advice!