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20th August 2008, 08:35
A4000 desktop PSU for tower project:
This is an A4000D PSU which has been modified to be used in a tower. It has a tower case style on/off switch and VERY long MOTHERBOARD power cord (about 0.5 meter). Was in working order when last used. I can't use it in the USA, so it's off to Europe again.

Asking $50 plus shipping & handling from the USA. Shipping to EU is around $40 (it's heavy...), so I can bundle something else with it if you're interested in amortizing the shipping costs (ex. RAM, some other hardware, etc.)


Click here for slideshow. (http://picasaweb.google.com/ddsdaddad/Amiga4000PSU220volts#slideshow)

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Wow - now that is some bump :)

Approximately 21 months!!

Good luck with your sale :thumbsup:

Dave G :cool:

27th July 2010, 00:42
Heh! It's more like a mega-bump!

To be honest I got turned off by the incident with the non-working Cyberstorm MK2, which end up costing me a fortune only to be found unfixable even by JJ, that was sold to me by the ....................... on these forums, whose name I won't mention, and haven't been in the Amiga scene and forums for a while. So I'm returning with a bump or two.

Anyways, thanks for your wishes Davideo ( is there a video somewhere in there? :) )

Sorry but I thought it best to remove your personal remark - I hope you don't mind

27th July 2010, 00:48
Anyways, thanks for your wishes Davideo ( is there a video somewhere in there? :) )

Yes and a David :D

Dave G :cool:

27th July 2010, 00:50
And why can't it be used ?
Most ATX PSU's are 100-250 volt 47-63HZ and probably have a 110-230 switch.

27th July 2010, 01:16
Buzz: unfortunately there's no switch on this one. Good only for EU voltages.

27th July 2010, 05:42
So you mean that even if i had an american ntsc A4000 i could use this PSU? (our voltage is 220V) Is it only good for using in a Tower? Not good for a desktop A4000?

27th July 2010, 20:42
@Sebastian: as this PSU is, it is good for a desktop, too.

It only have longer wires that will clutter the case a bit more and may difficult the air flow a little more.

Oh, it will work in any 220V system, no matter if 50 or 60Hz (self experience).

29th July 2010, 20:54
As rkauer said. The longer power cord (can be shortened though) will be more beneficial for a tower setup.

9th September 2010, 11:16
Bump. Price drop.

9th September 2010, 12:45
Looking at the pictures, am I correct in assuming that although it will mount in an A4000D, the original power switch, relay rod, power button setup won't work anymore? Instead, the switch will need to be run out of the case to use?

9th September 2010, 12:49
Hey Astral,

yes, that's correct. This will be perfect for someone who wants to do something like an electronic/soft-switch mod or somesuch. Of course it's also possible to move the switch back into the casing, although I don't have it - perhaps if we can figure out the part# I can find it at an electronics shop.