View Full Version : Wanted Atari 600 or 800 XL + (maybe) some additional hardware and/or games

12th May 2015, 01:05
I'm searching for a 600 or 800 XL in a good condition. Boxed would be great and maybe with some additional stuff ... datasette, disc drive or some games. But it isn't essential ...

EU only please and all offers should have some infos, pics and a price.


13th May 2015, 17:24
i know someone who may be able to help you - but postage may be expensive from UK

13th May 2015, 19:06
Now then, fellas.
I have an Atari 1050 - disk drive - unmodified - let me know if you want pics and a price, YuT666.
It's in great condition but doesn't come with the official Atari box.
Cheers - let me know if I can help.

14th May 2015, 09:18
Thanks for your answer.

Well ... i'm searching for an 600 oder 800 first and i prefer offers with some additional hardware like drives, 'cause they are not essential for me.

But please tell me the price including the shipping costs to germany.



14th May 2015, 17:52
I'll back to you, Tom.
I sold an Atari 800 last year for 200.
Looking for 40 for the 1050 disk drive, so with shipping I would ESTIMATE the total to be approx 50-60.
I will indeed get back to you, fella.
Best wishes,

14th May 2015, 21:59
The Atari 1050 weighs in at 1.8kg.
With packing it's going to be at least 2kg - poss 2.5kg with bubblewrap etc.
To send this to you in Germany it will cost 17 via Parcelforce (2 day delivery), so 40+17= 57.
Note - this does not include power supply or SIO lead - I'm afraid I don't have any spares as the ones I have I need for my drive.
You might be better looking elsewhere, fella, for a 'whole set-up' incl Atari 8bit computer and disk drive.
Anyhow, best of luck and let me know if you do want just the 1050 drive.

16th May 2015, 07:55
Thanks for the offer, but that's to much for me (only for the drive without the supply).

16th May 2015, 11:48
No worries.
Good luck, Tom.

19th May 2015, 07:22
Thanks again. Good luck too...

9th June 2015, 08:24
Still searching.