View Full Version : Closed CLOSED-Wanted: CS MKIII or part exchange one for my PPC card

Kin Hell
22nd August 2008, 18:13
As the title says. Must be in full working order with good Aesthetics & the price must be right.

I would be willing to exchange a Mint & fully functional CS PPC 233/060 with your cash adjustment to the difference if we could come to an agreement. I can include an Original Boxed OS4.0 Classic & transfer ownership as well as supply SCSI III drive/s if required.

Whatever happens here, please post your interests on thread before sending PM's. Any PM's sent without notification on the thread will be deleted.

I can not sell the PPC until I locate a MKIII, as my G-REX 4000D would be totally Fubar!

Cheers folks,


23rd August 2008, 08:51
CS MKII with SCSI addon no good?

Kin Hell
23rd August 2008, 10:17
Only CS MKIII for G-Rex 4000D

28th August 2008, 22:15
I'm considering your offer Kin-Hell-Master :-) Will let you know when I know :-D

29th August 2008, 12:34
If CSMKIII + X = CSPPC, then how much is X?

I have a fully working CSMKIII and I might be interested in a CSPPC but I'm becoming more and more reluctant to spending fortunes on Amiga hardware. So if X is not too big, I might be tempted... :D

Kin Hell
29th August 2008, 17:43
@ McVenco

X is a bit of an exponential affair really, as the Advert really wants a CS MKIII, but I don`t mind Part Exchanging my PPC card for a CS MKIII + Cash. I thought there might be several CS MKIII users out there willing to consider exchange, but not sell their cards otherwise. On the other hand, I can buy a CS MKIII & sell the PPC at a later date, but I can`t sell the PPC until I have located a CS MKIII, otherwise the G-REX 4000D is fubar! I just wanted to hedge my bets & include the Part-ex thing to perhaps attract more possibilities of scoring a CS MKIII. :)

Whilst not wanting to suggest you should make me an offer, we are perhaps best discussing this via PM. I have not stated what I am willing to pay for a CS MKIII & you should perhaps consider what you want for the CS MKIII if you want to sell it outright.
However, I can see that you are only possibly considering selling it if the price is right on my PPC. I sold a 200 & a 233 PPC a while back for xxx & xxx ish as a guideline, so perhaps this might give you some perspective on the exponential number! :mrgreen:

xxx & xxx in PM. :wink:

Kin Hell
3rd September 2008, 22:40
All conversations so far have ended up stale. Please ignore all posts prior to this.

Those who already made enquires should take care to still post on this thread before PM-ing me with other offers.

It's all open again.

Cheers folks! :)

4th September 2008, 01:07
Round two of conversations :-) Just sent you a PM Kin-Hell.

4th September 2008, 21:02
Round two of conversations :-) Just sent you a PM Kin-Hell.


The recent exchanges about this offer with da9000 via PM have been brought to my attention by Kin Hell and from what I can glean from the mail exchanges, an agreement on the value of the item cannot be reached. I think I may have found the reason why......

If I may quote from the site rules:-

AmiBay advert listings : What You Must Make Sure Of

* You must state a price if you are selling an item
If you are offering an item for sale on Amibay, you must state a guide price. Asking for offers for an item without a guide price being stated is not allowed, as it is inviting an auction and bid trumping, which is forbidden on this site. Obviously, there is nothing wrong in you revising your asking price downwards or accepting a lower offer, if there are no takers at your original asking price. If offers are made below the asking price, they should be made in the thread and NOT by Private Message, as this could constitute a "silent auction". The seller is under no obligation to accept any offer below the asking price.

Now, without taking sides in this debate, here's my call on the situation. It maybe won't please everyone, but this is the local law enforcement's view on it as Lead Moderator.

What seems to be happening here is that Kin Hell has stated an offer and has inadvertently created a bidding scenario, by not stating the value of his PPC card including a stated value of his idea of a cash adjustment (x). The minute x was mentioned is the point where the wheels fell off regarding this offer, x should have been a declared value to avoid a bidding war.

da9000 has then been trying to figure out the value of x with Kin Hell by making a series of offers via PM, after correctly declaring his interest in the offer thread. Whilst this is within the site rules, the ongoing bidding and negotiation by PM hasn't reached an agreement, as Kin Hell has been declining the offers. Whilst Kin Hell isn't obliged to accept da9000's offers, this negotiating via PM without closing a deal could be seen as a form of 'silent bidding' taking place, a no-no under the site rules.

This has then ended up with a form of indirect price driving taking place, by prices being stated for similar items on other sites. This is definitely in breach of the site rules. The value of an item is decided by seller and buyer, not necessarily by comparing prices elsewhere; we are NOT an auction site and to judge prices on Amibay against auction sites is not a fair like-for-like comparison, unless a stated "Buy It Now" price was stated and paid by the buyer; then it is not an auction, it is a sale, although comparing the price could still be considered price driving.

In short, this is a six and two threes and a bit of a mess. In my opinion, to resolve this, the best way forward from here is either:-

1. Kin Hell revises his original post, to include the total of the PPC card and the value of his expected cash adjustment, thereby taking away the element of bidding.


2. The original thread gets closed or deleted and Kin Hell starts over again with a fresh post, including the total as described in No. 1 above.

No. 2 is my personal preference under the circumstances.

That's about as fair a judgment as I can make, by applying the site rules equally to all; does anyone disagree with this?



Kin Hell
4th September 2008, 21:26
Thanks Merlin, And to all who have had some input here, thanks guys, but thread closed. :|