View Full Version : Closed Sam460cr in stock!

28th May 2015, 21:12
We would like to inform You that Sam460cr are in stock now. We are selling them as a bundle with SIL3114 SATA controller and Envy24 HT sound card.

Price is set for 3125 PLN (about 755). Link to product: SAM460CR bundle (http://retroami.com.pl/index.php?id_category=27&controller=category&id_lang=1)

If You want to buy Sam460cr board only + AOS4.1, please drop us a message, price is 2850 PLN (about 680).

Note that this board lets You to use MorphOS 3.x and AmigaOS 4.1!

Thanks for looking

25th October 2015, 11:03
Do you have SAM460 on stock now?
Thank you..!

6th November 2015, 17:51
Sorry but we do not have them anymore.