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28th June 2010, 23:44

Starting a clearout so will have a number of bits and pieces for sale over the next week or two.

Wordworth 7 CD, comes with 7.01 update floppy disk and registration code. Tested and fully working. - EUR 25 - SOLD

AmigaOS 3.9 - Pink Edition - EUR 40 - SOLD

Best of Gremlin CD Amiga & PC - EUR 25 - SOLD



The Best Of Gremlin contains over twenty five of Gremlin's top Amiga titles on one CD.

Artura Stand proud Artura, Son of Pendragon - and set fourth on your quest to unit the warring kingdoms of Athion in the age of bloddy war and misterious creatures.

BSS Jane Seymore Explore 20 vast biological survey ships encompassing more than 4,000 rooms, in this mammoth strategy role playing game.

Butcherhill Tension mounts as you navigate the murky waters in your motorised dinghy, seeking out vital supplies and ammunition, carful to avoid enemy mines and arial bombardment.

Combo Racer Experience the perilous excitement of sidecar racing as you race across 8 pre-determined circiuts, or even create your own seath defying tracks.

Dark Fusion Only the elite pass the three-phase test of the Corps of Overdine warriors - Co-ordinated fury in destruction of the mutant hordes of the underworld.

Deflektor Action Packed Break-Out clone in the same vien as Archaniod. Brilliantly Addictive!

Disposable Hero Get your trigger finger ready for this fast paced Arcade Shoot'em Up - Featuring smooth horizontal Action.

F.O.F.T Your quest is interstellar wealth and to hell ith glory! The universe stretches beforw you. 8 million worlds await your exploration. Forget the medals, forget the honous, forget the glory. As a member of the Federation Of Free Traders you live for money and will probably die for it.

H.A.T.E 3D Space Shoot'em Up - In a similar style to Zaxxon - Fight your way through waves of Alien space-craft.

Harlequin Bullet Spitting Buddahs, Death Slides, Unicycles, Sand Snakes, Scorpions and more - "A superior platform come puzzle game with bags of atmosphere" THE ONE

Impossamole The last incarnation of "Monty Mole" - Enhanced graphics and superb payability make this platform game a true classic.

K240 Utopia 2 - K240 takes you to another dimension, Build huge colonies on space rock - Defend you world's and keep your citizen's happy.

Litil Divil A new breed of Arcade games - You are the Litil Divil. 3D perspective game-play, Platform Action with a hint of Fighting!

Motor Masscare The holocaust has come, detroying cities, continents and civilisation. Out of the deverstation emerges a breed of survivors, barbaric in thier thirst for power and dominance. Motor Destruction is the aim of the game! "Mad Max Or What?" THE ONE

Night Raider Combat flight simulator?

Pegasus Satan has travelled the five planes of existance and shattered the magical crystals which hold the souls of the incarnations of each plane. You are Purcius and with your winged companion Pegusus your mission is to collect all the fragments of the crystals and save the universe. "Features stunning Arcade style graphics" AA

Plan 9 From Outer Space A huge graphics adventure based on the famous "Worst Movie Ever" - Atmospheric music and interative backdrops make for a very in-depth game. Plan 9 - Where The Strangest Things Happen.

Premier Manager Transformed the face of Strategy football management games with its accessible and enjoyable game style.

Premier Manager 2 Have you got what it takes to steer your club to glory? You'll need a head for figures on the transfer market... a keen eye for crowd control... be able to smell a sponsorship deal from the half way line... and STILL have enough character to dire-up your squad for the Big One.
Premier Manager 3 The most comprehensive Club Management simulation yet devised with all the financial and strategic problems of building up and running a successful football club.

Premier Manager 3 Multi-Editor System The complete PM3 Editor suite.

Shadow Fighter "Who needs Mortal Kombat?" AMIGA ACTION 17 Charactors to fight, Blood Option, 25 different moves per character, Training mode, 8mb of fighter graphics with over 150 frames of animation per charater.

Skidz Take control of either a skate-board or your favorite BMX and clean up this dirty town. Silky smooth arcade game!

Super Cars Select your car and strap on the extra's. Then power your way through 27 stages of highway horroe engaging in mile after mile of motorised combat.

Super Cars 2 Prepare to recommence motorised combat and do battle in the most brutal race of all. Super Cars 2 is even better than the first.

Super Scramble Simulator Realistic 2D Scramble Simulator - Take control of your Scramble Bike and our run your opponents - Features large detailed graphics.

Suspicious Cargo An interactive adventure game set in the grand cyber-punk tradition with stunning action sequences, excellent animated location graphics, and a warped sense of humour thrown in for good measure.

Switchblade Hiro, last of the Bladeknights must reassemble the 16 fragments of the shattered Fireblade. Only then can he take on Havoc and evenge his people's death.

Switchblade 2 Two centuries ago, Hiro, the last of the Bladeknights, defeated Havoc in his quest to save his people. But now Havoc has risen again, and the only person who can stand between him and victory is Hiro's only living descendent.

Techno Cop Step into the future - technology has overtaken society- The rich are richer, the poor are poorer. Chaos, unrest and destruction. Lawlessness reigns, terror rules. An action packed 3D racer with added 2D plaform style shoot-outs.

The Muncher Pacman clone?

Top Gear 2 A superb arcade racing simulation - In the same style as the famous Lotus Trilogy series.

Ultimate Golf Features include: Practice, Matchplay, Strikeplay and
Singles together with ball effect variables.

Utopia Can you create UTOPIA? Now's your chance to find out. Leading a colonising party to a barren planet you aim to create the perfect society, where everyone has a quality of life rating of 100%. Do you spend your money on weapons of social research? Build hospitals or tank factories? The myriad of decisions to be made are yours, and the fact that there are over ten different alien races all bursting for the opportunity to wipe out the colony should speed up the decision making process.

Vampires Empire Arcade platform game?

Venus Flytrap Free the planet of hoards of mutant killer insects across 50 levels and 10 different worlds, using a multi-array of leathol weapons and bonuses.

Video Kid Addictive arcade action - Super-smooth classic arcade-style graphics and music.

Zool Sent down to earth on a mission of sicovery, our pint sized hero suddenly finds himself in a world full of danger. "Fast, action-packed, challenging and highly addictive." THE SUN

Zool 2 Zool, and his female companion, ZOOZ, are about to face a challenge which would wilt the knees of even the toughest Ninja in this action packed Platform sequel. Six Huge Levels, Play either Zool or Zooz, Choice of in-game tunes.

29th June 2010, 16:53
I'm interested in the "Best of Gremlin" CD. Will PM you about postage costs.

2nd July 2010, 16:46
Hi Ladjets,

I am interested in both: Wordworth 7 CD and AmigaOS 3.9.

Best Regards

3rd July 2010, 08:31
Wordworth 7 CD and AmigaOS 3.9 sold to Toprak

Best of Gremlin CD sold to AndyLandy



3rd July 2010, 10:05
Thread prefix changed to 'Sold'

Will be closed once feedback is complete :thumbsup:

Dave G :cool:

4th August 2010, 10:49
Hmm, I've been a bit tardy with this one. Feedback (finally) left for Ladjets for 'Best of Gremlin' CD.


5th August 2010, 01:15
Any news from toprak?