View Full Version : Sold 2006 MacBook with charger

2nd June 2015, 16:23
2006 MacBook 1,1 with charger will come wiped as no Snow Leopard disc available.

Core Duo 2ghz, 500gb hard drive, 2gb Ram. Battery is a third party replacement, several years old but does hold some charge still.

It is a 2006 model so scuffs and marks are present, along with discolouration in places around the keyboard and track pad. You can see in a corner the plastic case does not fit smoothly at the edge.

However it is in working order and I am clearing out old gear so perhaps someone wants access to a Snow Leopard capable Mac.

50 posted to UK.


2nd June 2015, 17:00
Declaring interest! PM sent!

4th June 2015, 13:59
Hi dony, apologies for delay, will find out costs for Greece and let you know by PM. Cheers!

4th June 2015, 20:23
Next in line if Donny Passes.

6th June 2015, 16:53
Dony, just sent you a quote with UPS.

Limbo, thanks for the interest will let you know what happens with Dony. Cheers

7th June 2015, 10:09
Hi Declaring interest! in line if it is still up for sale

9th June 2015, 11:01
Sold to Dony, payment received and shipped today. Positive feedback left.

15th June 2015, 15:25
Laptop already received and positive feedback already left. I'd like to publicly thank Mark for the transaction. Thx, mate!