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29th June 2010, 22:44
Hi All

Have the following up for graps

Star Trek 25th Anniversary - EUR8 + P&P

In good condition, disks and manual.

Note:- Read error on disk 6. It read after a number of retries and installed to HD fine. I will inclose a CD with a copy of the game directory that can be dropped straight to your hard disk.

Wiz n Liz - EUR4 + P&P

Played today and works ok. Disks and manual have not got clue what this game is actually about.

Mean Street - EUR4 + P&P

Could not get this game to play on A4000. They are dos disks and copies ok to ram with no read errors. Looks like an A500 only game. Disks and manual.



29th June 2010, 22:49
Mean StreetS have a WHDLoad slave, so it is playable in AGA machines, too (although not directly). Or using a degrader tool.