View Full Version : Wanted How can I hook up a mouse on my Amstrad CPCs ?

12th June 2015, 13:05
That's it, I'd like to try out mouse driven operating systems and softwares on my Amstrads, but there doesn't seem to exist any current and available solution for that... or are there ???

I have : Amstrad CPC464, Schneider CPC6128, Amstrad 6128+ and GX-4000
Extensions : Hxc, Mother X4, Mini-Booster, X-Mass and X-Mem.

Maybe the mini-booster's usb port could be used to connect a mouse, but drivers should then exist to support operating systems...

Any idea someone ?

12th June 2015, 13:24
I don't have any left at the moment, but you could build my PS2/USB AMX mouse adapter: http://www.cpcwiki.eu/index.php/PS2Mouse
This will work with any of the original software that supported the AMX mouse and all new OS GUIs etc

If there was enough interest, I may consider building a new batch of them, but I have no plans to do so at the moment.


18th June 2015, 09:53
Thanks for your answer Bryce.
However, I don't have the skill to assemble your mouse adapter myself.
But if you were to suddenly decide to create a new batch, I would undoubtedly rush to order one.

18th June 2015, 10:05
A thread title that makes sense might help :roll:

- - - Updated - - -

Ive edited for you.

18th June 2015, 10:54
My AMX mouse seems to work OK.. I can't seem to get it to speed up using either the mouse or joystick accelerations options in the control panel though so at the moment I prefer to use the joystick. Do you know if your mouse is affected by those settings Bryce given yours is based on the AMX mouse? I was wondering if my mouse might need a bit of a clean up inside but when I took a look at it I decided against it. It looks wayyy too complicated for my lack of knowledge lol :lol:

If you are thinking about making a new batch I'd be interested in one :thumbsup:


20th June 2015, 14:27
As far as I can remember (it's a while since I designed that), my mouse adapter set the mouse to its least sensitive setting so that the software decided how often it was read. I've no idea what the software does after that.


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