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30th June 2010, 19:12
I know, this retro probably goes back a bit further than most, but while I'm looking for Amiga items, I thought I'd check around for S-100 stuff, too.

I'm interested in buying a whole system (Altair, IMSAI, etc) if I can find one, working condition is not critical as I'm well-equipped to make repairs.

Also interested in any S-100 boards and/or backplanes that might be available.

As these are for personal hobby and not for re-sale, my upper limits are pretty low on what I can afford, especially if it ships from outside the US. However, I'm willing to negotiate...


30th June 2010, 19:13
Welcome to AmiBay, Brian!

Loving the signature, mate; I'm glad that you share our sense of humour...:lol:

30th June 2010, 19:48
I've wondered about this, myself, but I've got so much other stuff right now I'd hardly have room for an S-100 setup ;) That said, one tip I can offer you: any S-100 system is probably going to need an RS-232 terminal, and if your local recycling center is anything like mine, they've got whole stacks of discarded amber or green-screen terminals from local businesses (maybe even some color ones; who knows?) Just make sure you get a keyboard to go with it, since a lot of them seem to have proprietary keyboard interfaces, and plug 'er in before you take it home to make sure the CRT's still good.

Anyway, welcome aboard!

30th June 2010, 20:20
I've already been watching the local convenience center as they take in several dozen PCs and other junk each week. Unfortunately, the only non-Intel item that I've seen since I started watching was an Apple Mac LC II (I think) that had been stripped of all boards and the power supply. Still, I'm watching because rumor has it that people still find that sort of thing in the trash every day.


The signature is good; I like it :D Thanks for all the help getting my account sorted!

30th June 2010, 20:34
Hey, please save those non-PC retro computers. There are lots of users after those ones.

Let the PC die its death, they deserve it.

30th June 2010, 20:41
The only reason I let the LC II go is because there was really nothing left except a dented case. Otherwise, it would have had a new home, at least temporarily. My interests aren't really in the Apple products, but I know there are a lot of people out there that would love to get their hands on them. Then again, the case might have been a nice conversation piece with the right kind of motherboard hacked into it...