View Full Version : Request Someone to fix my Amstrad 486 SLC Motherboard

14th June 2015, 21:46
Hi Chaps

Ive manged to dig out my Amstrad 486 SLC 33mhz PC but mya have inadvertently done something wrong. I changed the Dallas battery for a new old stock one and then had some issues installing windows. see my thread on Vogongs here:


I dont have the expertise to find out whats wrong - so hopefully there are some people who are good at fixing this type of thing.

I should add that I switched off and on the machine multiple times

5th August 2015, 07:39
im curious...is the power supply im repairing for you at the moment for this machine?

i would have a look at the machine but i simply might not have the time.
im wondering if its the bios,did it post at all? before it stopped working.
does it do a memory check when it starts up etc?