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16th June 2015, 19:51
We just start sale of Lynx (Ryś) MKII.

LINK TO PRODUCT (http://retroami.com.pl/index.php?id_product=158&controller=product&id_lang=1)



Lynx MKII adapter was created for simply connecting the USB HID device to your Amiga / C64 / Atari ST computer. The design was based on 16-bit microcontrollers from Microchip.
Lynx MKII is equipped with an internal USB stack, so that it became possible to support USB HID devices (such as mouse, joystick pad) without the need to install additional drivers for operating system Amiga / C64 / Atari ST. Installation consists of connecting the Lynx in the appropriate computer port (port of a computer mouse or joystick Amiga / C64 / Atari ST) after that the adapter is ready for operation. Lynx MKII adapter will require an additional cable-extender D-Sub / D-Sub to connect to some computers (eg Atari ST).

Lynx MKII is equipped with emulating mouse, joystick and joypad. Mouse emulation has 3 speed set by the user. This ensures adjust the speed emulation for the connected USB mouse. The adapter automatically detects 2 types of connected devices (USB mouse or joysticks / joypads USB). If joystick or joypad Lynx MKII is connected to the device, it will be recognizes as a "game device" and the user must manually switch the adapter mode for "Joystick" or "Joypad". Changes of settings are stored in EEPROM and flashing lights signaled the "Status", so after reconnecting the device is configured to your favorite settings.

The adapter is equipped with the "Bootloader", which allows you to make a software update via a standard USB cable AA. This solution lets to upgrade the latest firmware for adapter very easily.

Features of the adapter Lynx MKII
Support for USB HID mice (including "boot protocol") and USB-PS / 2,
Support for HID USB joysticks,
Support for USB HID joypads,
Internal USB stack,
Support for Amiga / C64 / Atari ST (some models may require an additional adapter)
The "bootloader" for firmware update,
LED "Status" indicating the status of the device,
EEPROM memory to store settings.
16-bit microcontroller Microchip's nanoWatt technology,

3 mouse emulation modes,
mode joystick (joystick emulation of the original work)
mode joypad (joystick emulation of the original work)

Lynx MKII adapter features

"Bootloader" button or the roll - emulation mode selection

9 + 10 - operating mode selection
1 - Fire1
2 - FIRE2
3 - fire3
6 - autofire1
5 - autofire2

SELECT + START - operating mode selection
X - Fire1
[] - fire3
R2 - autofire1
L2 - autofire2

Changing the operating mode adapter is indicated by the flashing indicator light "Status".

Description modes.
For the connected joystick or falls.
1 dim - mode "Joystick"
2 dims - mode "Joypad"
3 dims - mode "Joypad - mouse emulation"

For a connected mouse.
4 dims - change speeds

Warranty 24 months