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1st July 2010, 19:20

For the mac mini I have wit morphos (ppc hardware) I am looking for mac os X install dvd ? that came with that system. (to keep costs down, I am not going to use it alot :D)

Anybody can make an offer?

Probably that would be panther, or tiger


1st July 2010, 19:25
Let me dig around and look; it seems like I have a copy of 10.3 stashed that I really have no use for. If you don't find anyone closer to you, I can probably make you a deal (such as you pay P&P and I'll have less stuff cluttering up the house).

Edit: just to clarify, I said copy but it's actually an original retail disc set... didn't mean to imply that these were rips or anything naughty

1st July 2010, 19:38
Make an offer Brian, shipping it from usa is not a real problem, shipping untracked, unsigned, in a bubble envelope is not a great shipping cost,

thanks a lot for looking.

YES, if an untracked, non prior shipping goes wrong it is MY PROBLEM.:thumbsup:

I already asked for a copy locally, users who remember where they stacked it, are the bla bla people that promise a lot but don't deliver

1st July 2010, 19:40
I'm actually at work (it's 2:40 pm here) so will be several hours before I can let you know. I'll confirm to you that I have the discs and PM with shipping costs with lowest cost.

1st July 2010, 19:46
No prob the project I need it for is months overdue:) Don't hurry, I'll wait .. :)usa communication is somethimes a little taking time it's overhere 20:42 that's 08:42 PM...

So I am enjoying 30 degrees celcius f*** Belgium *** weather *** it feels like 40 degrees in Spain f****

So I'll just wait for the offer, even if takes a week or so...

1st July 2010, 19:55
It's a little cooler this week. Last week was 35 to 40 C every day. Right now it's about 30. Much better.

I should be able to get back to you tomorrow, maybe Saturday if I'm really busy.

1st July 2010, 20:21
No problem, take your time, ok same weather in USA :Doh: I'll be considering an airco at home if it stays like this...

2nd July 2010, 03:28
Found discs, sending PM

7th July 2010, 18:02
Shipped! Hope it suits you. PM sent with shipping cost, about 5 to 10 days to get to Belgium.

15th July 2010, 21:49
Yup we do have a Brian, he shipped original mac os x cdrom.

I did not check in the mac, but the disks read without errors in linux... (I did a dd to check for failure)


Thanks Brian!!:thumbsup:

15th July 2010, 21:53
You're welcome! The CDs had been stored in the sleeves since I bought them so they should work fine.

16th July 2010, 00:41
Can we close this thread now then fellas?

Dave G :cool:

16th July 2010, 00:52
Feedback left! Closing the thread is fine by me. Thanks!

16th July 2010, 08:07
Okely dokely :thumbsup:

Dave G :cool: