View Full Version : AmigaNG system based on SAm460cr in Commodore gaming case

29th June 2015, 22:57
We are pleased to offer You complete AmigaNG system based on Sam460cr 1.1GHz motherboard with 1GB RAM, Radeon 5450 1GB graphic card, Envy24HT sound card, SIL 3114 SATA controller, 1TB SATA HDD, DVD-RW in a stylish design Commodore gaming case.

In addidion You'll get 500W Commodore ATX PSU with heatpipe cooling and extra fan, internal card reader.

Price is about 1015 inc. VAT

PRODUCT PAGE (http://retroami.com.pl/index.php?id_product=160&controller=product&id_lang=1)