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30th June 2015, 21:15
I know there are a lot of clever people here that can fix computers and consoles but does anyone fancy having a go at fixing a Demon Driver game by Tomy? It just does not start up, battery's are fine as I have used them in another device and I have had a cursory look inside for loose wires etc but everything looks new and minty.

the game looks like this,


thanks in advance for any help guys.

30th June 2015, 22:13
its just one of those motor driven things isnt it?

you can send it to me if you like ill try to find out what gone in it.cant promise ill get it going though:)

EDIT: ive seen a few youtube vids of this toy,lol...i think its mostly mechanical,send it along i like a challenge:D,whens it from? 78?

30th June 2015, 22:29
Aw magic, thanks Roy appreciate that mate. Yes just motor driven no chips or PCBs in site and yes it's from 1978. I'll PM you now mate.

30th June 2015, 22:31
great stuff:) ill give it a try:)

30th June 2015, 22:32
Cool! Don't forget to post lots of open case hardware pr0n shots, Roy.

30th June 2015, 22:33
Ooooh yes we need lots of Pr0n ;)

30th June 2015, 22:37
ill do my best lads, i like old stuff like this:)

30th June 2015, 22:40
Me too I collect old toys like this as well as Amiga and consoles, I have a near complete set of the Pocketeers games of the 70's by Palitoy, remember them?

30th June 2015, 23:03

do you remember the firefox game,ive got one somewhere along with a few others ive collected i used to have when i was younger.

30th June 2015, 23:04
No I don't remember that one but I'll google it now

Edit. Oh you mean the grandstand electronic game yes I do remember that actually but never owned or played it. Will be next on my wish list

30th June 2015, 23:21
yes,wasnt too bad a game actually really fun,i broke the joystick on my original years ago lol,back in the time when i thought moving it harder made it move further,silly younger me,lol

30th June 2015, 23:40
We all did things like that Roy in out younger years

4th July 2015, 12:15
here is picture of the innards,sorry i had already fixed it before i took this picture,lol
ill try to explain briefly what was wrong with it in a bit...


basically the machine has to be in several states to have the motor running and one state had jammed.
if you look at the top potion of the game on the back is leads for the buzzer(solenoid) and motor run assembly one of them was jammed for the motor run so i removed the top the clear it and simply put it back together...it only took 20 minutes to find the problem and assemble it again,not really a big deal.

ill send you a pm mate,sorry i didnt take any more pictures but it as really easy to fix,lol niot much electronicly going on in this game..

lovely game though a blast from the late 70,and its in such nice condition,absolutely fantastic condition mate.:)

4th July 2015, 12:28
Oh my god!! That's awesome mate I can't believe you got it working you are a true legend sir!!! Thank you sooooo much! I'll PM you later mate just in cinema at the moment watching Jurassic World!

4th July 2015, 15:28
no worries bud:) have fun.

ill sort this as soon as i can and send you the tracking info,ill book it in now and drop it off tomorrow or something.

ill update this thread when i have.:)

EDIT: i ll try to explain a bit more in depth here as well...(just copied from my pm to micheal)

it was a mechanical issue bud.
after checking the main switch(switch is wired to be on/on to several other mechanical switch actuated parts) to start it and found no problem so i started to delve deeper...
at the rear of the game there are a few wires for making the motor run mechanically and make the sound for the car when it crashes...so i undid the cover to have a look inside(cream cover at the rear with a dial on top on the left,its nearly the length of the game)...

motor run needs to be in several states to be on before you can start the game...
one has a gauge that has to be in "s" position for it to run continuously(its temporary until it reaches "s" while holding down the start button,when it reaches s again the game stops then you have to hold the start down again...bare that in mind) that was fine,(its a switch on a drive shaft)its also mentioned on the back of the game...
one has a pinion that pushes a switch in when the car crashes...that was fine...
another has a clutch for the motor to start( basically a torc clutch assembly for the track and gear box,a bit like an electric drill) and that also has a switch attached to it...that had jammed in the off position i think its due to lack of use...
so i removed it and greased it a little and assembled it again.
there is another switch near the front of the game behind the steering wheel,but that is fine...

all these switches have to be in the on position for the motor to run...all of them!

i didnt have to mess with anything else inside it and i knew it had to be somewhere around where the motor is(the motor is in the rear under a cover at the back near all the wires at the rear,along with a few gears and drive shafts)...fairly simply to fix.once i found out what it was that stopped it from starting and ran it a few times.it was fine...

now,it works finehttp://www.amibay.com/images/smilies/smile.gif have funhttp://www.amibay.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

5th July 2015, 10:28
its on its way back now bud.

ill send you the tracking info:)

5th July 2015, 11:46
Many thanks Roy, you really are a super dooper star for fixing this for me mate, I can't say enough how grateful I am to you. I love these old toys from the 70's and 80's and love to play with them as well. I also have the box with poly inserts also in unused mint condition (my favourite condition) and will post pics and a video of it running once I get it back.

5th July 2015, 11:48
awesome! i cant wait!

ill keep an eye for the video and pics:)

will you be opening another thread for that?

5th July 2015, 11:50
Um.... not sure mate what do you think? Shall I open one in the "Photo Booth" or post here? I guess the photo booth as more people might see it. In either case I will PM you to let you know mate.

awesome! i cant wait!

ill keep an eye for the video and pics:)

will you be opening another thread for that?

5th July 2015, 11:53
yes mate,put it in photo booth,i think its worthy and definitely retro!

saves clutter here at the same time,forgot to mention...if you have any problems with this you know where i am:)

5th July 2015, 11:55
yes mate,put it in photo booth,i think its worthy and definitely retro!

saves clutter here at the same time,forgot to mention...if you have any problems with this you know where i am:)

Nice one Roy, many thanks, will do :):):)

8th July 2015, 21:09
Received back today in full working order, thank you soooooo much Roy you are a living legend, and anyone who disagrees is just plain wrong! I will be posting some pics and a video of it working in a few days time.

8th July 2015, 21:10
it was pleasure:)

leaving return feedback:)

8th July 2015, 22:07
I actually had one of these Demon Driver games when I was a kid. Loads of fun! These are the kinds of toys that today's kids are missing.

9th July 2015, 22:55
Video up on YouTube!