View Full Version : Closed Amiga bundled software packs

4th July 2010, 04:30
Hello, I found two more packages of the Amiga bundled Software packs that were included with the Amiga Technologies A1200 Bundles. The boxes were pretty much destroyed of the books, albeit not water damaged are slightly dirty and dusty. All of the serial numbers are included for each pack and the software is still sealed in their plastic shrink wrap. Please see below for pictures. The software is most undoubtedly PAL, but I have one of these packs myself, and it seems to work fine on my A4000D in NTSC mode. Asking price for the software and their books is 20 USD plus shipping. Thank you for taking a look. Have a good evening.

-Note- First 4 pictures are one set and the next 3 pictures are the second set.