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17th July 2015, 18:21
Hello, from today we start Preorder for new ACA1221 accelerator card from Individual Computers. Preorder ends 13.08.2015r.

You can preorder card at product page (http://retroami.com.pl/index.php?id_product=162&controller=product&id_lang=1). IC wants us to buy as many cards to have enough until the end of the year. We are not sure if there will be chance to restock before the end of the year 2015.

ACA 1221 turbo card equipped with a 68020 processor and 9MB of RAM (in stock configuration). It must be considered first and foremost as memory expansion for the Amiga 1200. On the other hand, it is a tasty treat for owners of the Amiga 500, who, thanks to the ACA 500[plus], has never had the possibility of his Amiga equipment in turbo card with enough memory for this price.

This card in stock configuration has full MC68020, plastic PGA package, 9MB Fast RAM, two clockports. It can be upgraded with more RAM, MapROM function, faster CPU speed by buying license codes from the icomp.de store. Chipram access speed has been greatly improved in comparison with the ACA1220, which will help eliminating the so-called "turrican slowdowns" and other WHDload game hickups. Although the card is running asyncronous to the A1200, Syncronous Chipram speed can be achieved. More performance details will be published in our wiki shortly.

One clock port for RTC-module or any clockport-device. This clockport is a straight copy if the internal A1200 clockport. Only one RTC and one clockport device may be used at the same time. This is very useful for A1200 boards that do not have the correct clockport assembly (early commodore boards).

Another clockport is especially for RapidRoad: It is considerably faster than the standard clockport and thus allows better USB transfer rates than on the standard clockport. There is also a power connector for RapidRoad, which lets the user install a USB card without opening the computer. This port may also be used for a Subway USB controller.

Card does not have a built-in real time clock, but it can be equipped with it by using the RTC clock plugs into port on the card. This allows the clock port on the motherboard can be used by other extensions.
To add functionality or check license status ACAcontrol should be use (see download section).

68020 processor clocked at 17,03 MHz (can be slow down to 9,46 MHz for better compability);

CPU speed can be overclock up to 28,38MHz by the upgrade option;
FastRAM Memory 9MB (32-bit) expandable to 17MByte, 33MByte or 63MByte (1 MB reserved for functions MapROM);

The MapROM function as an upgrade option;
PCMCIA Friendly;
The optional real-time clock;
Standard clockport for RTC module or any other clockport device;
Extra clockport for RapidRoad (for better performacne than standard clockport);
Power connector for RapidRoad;
To use in Amiga 1200 or ACA 500 ​
Ability to disable by the jumper
Full compliance with WHDLoad package with the option "noMMU"


18th July 2015, 03:58
How will the ram expansion work and the overclocking upgrade? Separate boards?

18th July 2015, 05:09
Sorry, just read about the codes.

18th July 2015, 06:04
All features are already on the card but they are locked. To unlock them You'll gave to buy special license code at Individual Computers web site and use it with tool called ACAcontrol. There will be trial codes (for use up to 10 times) that will shows how particula feature works i.e. if someone will want to overclock CPU he can try it and see if Amiga will stay stable after that. Then he can decide to buy or not. So no other modules are needed.

19th July 2015, 10:38
Do you have a price list how much the upgrade code costs?

19th July 2015, 11:59
upgrade codes :-) joke

19th July 2015, 20:45
Do you have a price list how much the upgrade code costs?

According to IC informations (from january 2015) - I don't konow if they are still up to date.

Prices will most likely be:

+8MB option: 8,- EUR
+24MB option: 15,- EUR
full memory option: 20,- EUR
21MHz option: 5,- EUR
28MHz option: 15,- EUR
Maprom option: 5,- EUR

That makes around 120,- EUR for the top-end card.