View Full Version : Request CyberStormPPC and Picasso IV repair

25th July 2015, 20:57
I am officially at my wit's end with two of my expansion boards and would like to have them looked at. I have a CyberStormPPC (060, 128MB) that worked fine a few years ago, but after being removed from one machine and installed into another it has never really been stable. At the moment, all I get is a black screen (my CV64/3D Scandoubler gives a sync signal and CapsLock works but the screen stays black, so I believe this means that there is a CPU problem). Tried two different 68060s, same outcome. Stripped my A4000 to a bare minimum, same outcome. The mobo was serviced a few years ago, so I have reason to believe that the problem is not in it.

Also, I have a Picasso IV that is flaky at best. Its scandoubler was broken when I got it, sent it to Amiga Center, came back fixed but did not really work for long.

I have no purposeful ways to test either of these boards, so I am looking for a (reliable) specialist who could take a look at them and possibly repair them. I am not in a hurry as I have several systems to play with, but would eventually like to get these boards working. Shipping is not an issue, but Europe would be preferred.

25th July 2015, 23:39
From my experience the 060 socket needs to be re-soldered at first. I have done that several times already. Please PM me if you are interested.

27th April 2016, 21:44
Hello stachu100,

I've been searching around to find someone to do repairs. I'm curious if you still do repairs?

Once in a while my CSPPC will function, bother zer060 and PPC, and could be good until I power off the system. The fan I have on it is okay but could be better, and it's only been on the PPC heat sink. Keyboard's Cap Lock lights when pressed. UWSCSI going through the process. I bought one of those "Hard drive" CompactFlash devices from AmigaKit..so I'm able to see the SCSI check happening.

The Picasso 4 mostly produces a grey screen of 700x400 @ 75Hz (my TV shows this). If I power off, and slightly move the board's seating, sometimes I can get a 640x400 black screen and....maybe it'll display the Amiga native modes. If it gets to it, it'll display the High Res screens. Sometimes it'll start with a hazy / distorted Amiga screen. I could share more details if you like. But think covers it pretty well. From what you've read what is the likely possibility to fix both?