View Full Version : Closed i need a dead or alive microvitec main board...

26th July 2015, 18:24
as in title im looking or one main board for a microvitec cub monitor... as one of mine has a failed lopt....

this might be a really really long shot as this will have to come from a right off monitor maybe one with a busted screen or dented case.

it wont matter if it dont work as long as the lopt hasnt failed or arcing ill take it.

main board can even be damaged as long as a high res picture can be posted in advance for me to see,it might be possible to salvage it...age is unimportant to me.

this might be a very long running thread ,lol

fingers crossed...


28th July 2015, 21:52
this can be closed as i can get the lopt for this new.