View Full Version : Filled C128D (CR) PSU cap replacement.

3rd August 2015, 20:44
Hi there.

I have a C128DCR that I got running when I replaced one of the slow blow fuses. It was running great for, oh a good 45 mins before a plume of smoke and droplets of dark brownish amber was found on the mobo. I am certain I have narrowed it down to a PSU cap that has blown since that's where I found most of the residue (plus the orange jacket that shrouded it was split). I am wondering if someone here is willing to replace all four of the caps on the PSU board as a matter of course with preferably better quality ones (Eg. Panasonic)?

Here's a pic of the PSU:


Shouldn't be too hard as it all fairly big blobby soldering, nothing SMD. :)

Thanks in advance.

P.S. If I could get a PM that would be helpful as I don't have much time to browse the forums nowerdays.

4th August 2015, 07:44
ill do it,but i have a few questions...

ill send a pm as well:)

3rd October 2015, 14:27
this power supply is here,i assume its yours as its been a while?

ill send you a pm before i order the replacement caps for you,just incase you want me to replace the fuses as well as they dont look like the right rating:)
obviously i would like to test the suplly after to make sure its working properly.

9th October 2015, 10:29
ive done the cap change and it works within spec,ive also cut a spacer to go between the heatsinks...in an attempt to stop them from touching each other,its not glued in so if you want to remove it(not advised)then its up to you.:)
ill just organize shipping it back.


EDIT: its on its way back now.

9th October 2015, 20:46

My 128DCR has that exactly same PSU. I bought it as "non-working, smoke came out". PSU's caps of course, the two big yellow-sleeved caps had practically gone shorted. Recapping brought it back to life.

It's a bummer that the PSU's frame has no cut-out for a fan (yes, it survives without one but I would prefer to keep this machine going as long as possible and fitting a fan would have been an easy enhancement).

20th October 2015, 17:07
Just an update from me, Roy done a superb job using quality Panasonic caps and it works great again. Not sure a fan is nessasary it doesn't get that hot, mine atleast...

Feedback left.

20th October 2015, 18:59
leaving return feedback glad your happy,thats all that matters:)