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14th August 2015, 21:43
All games are 6 each postage is free if in the uk. If you want a few games they will be shipped by courier in the uk with tracking number which you will get once dispatched. Always open to offers or deals.
Picture one is either big box games or hard case games.
Pic 1. karnov,renegade 3,fun school 3,stealth fighter,time machine,superman,prodigey,howard the duck,midnigh resistance,the real ghostbusters,tusker,yabbadabb doo.

Pic 2. Fruit machine 2,platoon,scooby doo,chequered flag,one for the road+mutations,gaunlet,stalone cobra,bubble bobble,crazy golf,dont panic,pedro,milk race,impossible mission 2,oh mummy,kong,cabal,nemesis,project future,traxx,disco dan,olli and lissa 3,postman pat 2,champ jet ski sim,green beret,combat school,jack the nipper 2,platoon,the great escape, rally sim,hunchback,jack and the bean stalk,jack the nipper 2,classic arcadia 3 in 1, hacker 2,spectron,quicksilva,california games,topcat,fruitmachine 2,punchey,falcon patrol 2,lighting sim,barbarian 2,fastfood dizzy,maziacs,commando,us basket ball, winged warlords,beachhead 2,mutant fortress.

Pic 3 chequred flag,gyropid,skool daze,dickys diamonds,vampire,trailblazer,top shots,raid moscow,scooby doo,witchfield+odd jobb eddie,crossfire,murray mouse supercop,the empire fights back,the way of the exploding fist,spectipede,stunt bikes,back to the future,cj in the usa,3d desert patrol,formula one,colony,the eidion,fruit machine,arcade flight sim,rock star ate my hamster, blizzard pass+h.a.r.d,omega one,yogis great escape,bruce lee,blade warrior,pro golf sim,grandprix sim,operation gunship,wonderboy.
92711 92712 92713 92714 92715 92716

There is a few magazine tapes and loose games which I will be happy to sell for 3 each.
Loose game cassettes are ninja master,fairlight 2,slightly magic,black lamp,the race against time,were wolves in london,konami coin op hits (green beret+yie are kung fu),crazy cars,guadal canal,double dragon.
Oh mummy,soccer double,punchy,league challenge,ninja,slightly magic,combat zone,action force,crazy golf,f1 tornado,los angeles,disco dan,treasure island.
Any extra pics or questions at all please ask me.

15th August 2015, 12:43
Interested in classic Arcadia please check shipping cost to PT :)

15th August 2015, 13:00
Hello Ruireispt.
The postage to Portugal will 2.50.

17th August 2015, 16:05
PM me your PP

17th August 2015, 17:08
PM sent :)

- - - Updated - - -

​Bruce lee (SOLD).

17th August 2015, 19:39
Declaring interest in Your Spectrum Mega Basic.

17th August 2015, 19:50
Pm message sent.

17th August 2015, 19:55
PM received, replied to, and Paypal payment sent - thanks! :)

17th August 2015, 20:20
Now sold. Payment received Item packaged and will be posted Tomorrow.
Thank you James.

20th August 2015, 08:17
Mega Basic received and positive feedback left. Thanks again!

20th August 2015, 16:45
Thank you. And positive feedback has been left for you.

21st August 2015, 10:48
P sent ;)

4th September 2015, 23:32
Game recieved and positive feedback left! :)

14th September 2015, 11:20
Interested in dicky's diamonds, 2nd class post is fine by me, whats the price posted to uk?

27th February 2017, 19:59
Interested in Chequered Flag by 2.99 Classics.

Can you pm

Cheers, Steve

2nd March 2017, 07:12
Interested in Nemesis and mouse. Pm incoming

6th March 2017, 10:20
2nd in line for chequered flag

8th March 2017, 07:16
Chequered flag is super common guys. Have a look on sinclair for sale on facebook.

8th March 2017, 12:47
Chequered flag is super common guys. Have a look on sinclair for sale on facebook.
Classics version is hard to find ;)

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26th March 2017, 23:05
Interested in Chequered Flag (2.99) and Thing / Riding the Rapids covertape.


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1st January 2018, 12:06
Can you update what is left for sale.