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22nd August 2015, 19:40
Hello Hikey,

In case you wonder, I've learned your name by a friend in a amiga hobby group. I have a small problem with my CD32, and he said you might be able to help. The problem is my CD32 has something weird with the sound. If I start a game on the device, it runs ok for about 20 minutes. After that the sound starts to be weird and changing in volume, later it completely disappears to the background. Turning it off and on works for 5 minutes, till sound falls away again. The problem is on both channels, it is never seperated in left or right. Weird. I checked the internet for the problem, I found the info about the bad line in amiga CD32 production where the 2 10V 1000uF capacitors are printed faulty on thr board and give up after short time. I opened my amiga CD32, but in mine they look fine and printed in good position. Also not buldging or leaking. So, I'm not sure if I replace them I will solve the problem. Are there any other capacitors that could cause this problem? The board looks in good health in my limited knowledge. Also the capacitors don't become hot after using the device a while. I checked this.

What is your experience in this? What is best strategy? I think I could change those 2 capacitors ment in the internet resourced I found, but replacing all those small ones, that is a bit risky. Would replacing the 2 big ones mentioned above help me?

Any help or information is appreciated.

Kind regards.:smile:

22nd August 2015, 21:46
Be easier if you message him... http://www.amibay.com/member.php?2124-hikey

22nd August 2015, 21:48
^ new users need to make a couple of posts, then PM system is activated for them

22nd August 2015, 21:49
^ new users need to make a couple of posts, then PM system is activated for them

forgot about that, what about visitor messages?

22nd August 2015, 22:02
^ nope, these all get activated after some posts :)

23rd August 2015, 00:00
So, guys, since I can't message him personally, because I'm too new, could you guys forward my message to him? Cheers.

23rd August 2015, 00:17
I think you should be able to PM him now

28th August 2015, 14:34
Hello again Keropi,

Thanks for helping there, I had contact with Hikey in the last weekend, and he could give very useful information.
Only problem now is, his mailbox appears to be max full. I can't send him a reply, cause I receive an error about delevering
the message because the recipient's box is full. Is there any way you could contact and inform him?


29th August 2015, 08:56
The capacitors on the CD32 will leak and if not changed then it can be bad news as the CD32 is an multilayer PCB (4 layers in fact) and the only advice I will ever give is to replace them all