View Full Version : Request Need help from a danish amiga repair man on leaky batteri here in south part of denmark

24th August 2015, 16:41
The unlucky has happend to my amiga 500+ computer, the battery has gone bad recently, i cant do soddering myself to unstable hand and dont have tools for it..

24th August 2015, 17:00
Does the Amiga need repair or just to have the battery removed?
If you just want to remove the battery, just rock it sideways and it will break off. No soldering or cutting needed to do that.

I don't exactly live close to Aabenraa or I could have helped.

24th August 2015, 17:03
Its a shame most live in the other part of denmark that can help on this stuf.

24th August 2015, 20:45
it sems to have more than battery trouble now sems to be the ram issue and keeps resseting.