View Full Version : Sold Dynablaster for the Atari ST

30th August 2015, 00:08
This is completely untested as I do not own the hardware, box is in amazing condition for it's age.

Asking for 10 plus postage.

30th August 2015, 13:01
Declaring interest. How much shipped to UK?

Do you have the 4-player joystick adapter by any chance? (I will take the game either way)

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PM sent

31st August 2015, 12:45
Postage cost for the UK are

2nd class: 2.80
1st class: 3.30
Hermes: 3.00

The 4 player adapter is not included, I was hoping it was as I am missing it for my Amiga version so I still don't have one either :(

31st August 2015, 18:39
Payment sent, thanks.

1st September 2015, 19:53

7th September 2015, 20:15
Game received, thank you.

Feedback left.