View Full Version : Filled the repair of a 1084S-D1 power supply...

4th September 2015, 15:04
this is just for feedback purposes,as i offered to repair a 1084S-D1 for 20watt.

the problem was a faulty smps ic part number STK73410II...

ill let him know its working in bit via pm...:)

i wont talk about prices or anything ill leave that to pm's(just the cost of the part plus shipping it back), it was an easy fix for me,so ill only charge for the part as it was fairly easy:)


pm sent to 20 watt with total plus shipping:)

5th September 2015, 11:24
this is one its way back now,ill send 20watt the shipping info etc.

8th September 2015, 20:53
im just going to leave return feedback,as this turned up with 20watt and he is happy its now working:)