View Full Version : Closed Magazine cover disks

31st August 2008, 22:44
I've got a nice load of magazine cover disks, which I don't ever use. I've just finished testing them all (3 or 4 disks don't read), but I have not verified the contents. But from the disk names they all seem to have the original data on them.
With a gazillion cover CDs and Aminet CDs I'm not that hungry for the old disks anymore :-)

There's 144 disks, including 83 Amiga Format, 21 Amiga Action, 13 Amiga Shopper, 10 Amiga Computing and 7 Amiga Power disks, plus a few other random magazine disks.

There are lots of games on the disks, but also goodies like AMOS, Imagine, Bars n Pipes and god knows what else.

EDIT: changed the price - buy the lot for 5,00 + shipping!

8th September 2008, 20:14
Small bump here to draw new attention. I changed the text of my ad, there's now 5 times more disks and I changed it to one price for the lot. Anyone interested in some good ole cover disks?

UPDATE: no longer available