View Full Version : For Sale A1200 Keyboard Adapter

7th September 2015, 21:29
Ateo Concepts A1200 keyboard adapter including keymap floppy disk.

Connects to chip (keyboard MPU, as shown in second photo) on A1200 motherboard and provides 5-pin keyboard socket. Connects to floppy power connector for power. Please note I covered the back of this in green insulation tape to avoid any potential shorts if it were to move. This item has not been used for several years and I have no means of testing it. However there is no reason why it should not work.

40 including postage within the UK.

11th September 2015, 17:55
Price reduction - 30 including postage within the UK.

12th September 2015, 19:55
Further reduction 20 plus postage.