View Full Version : Wanted Mac Nubus Storm DSP card or SuperMac Thunder w/ DSP

13th September 2015, 20:17
I'm looking for a Nubus Storm DSP card for Mac, or Nubus graphics cards w/ DSPs such as:
- SuperMac's Thunder/24 w/ DSP upgrade
- Radius Thunder GT) w/ DSP upgrade
- SuperMac Thunder II GX
- Radius Thunder IV GX

21st September 2015, 21:02
Hi, I have a couple of vintage Supermac cards that may be what you are looking for. I do see that one of them says Thun/24. Unfortunately, I do not know enough about the cards to know exactly what I have and if it has the DSP upgrade. I used to work for Supermac and was given these back in the day. I'd be happy to take photos and send to you.

21st September 2015, 21:15
Hi Matisse! This would be much appreciated! Will PM you shortly.