View Full Version : Wanted Power Macintosh 9600 / WGS 9650

12th October 2015, 00:44
Bottom line up front: if you have a PM9600 and want to see it find a good home, drop me a line.
I'm selling off the vast majority of my collection of Macs (See Apple hardware for sale section), but I'm looking to keep a few very special machines- an iBook of great personal significance, a Classic in a Classic II shell that taught me the value of attentiveness around CRTs, and a 4-digit PCI PowerMac to bridge the gap. At the moment, I have a 6500/250 loaded with AV kit, but the loss of most of my hardware is making it look increasingly unsuited to the task, as much as I do love the thing.

Accordingly, I'm searching for a 9600 to load to the gills, preferably a later model with a 604ev (300 or 350).
I have no problem with the obscene cost of shipping such a thing.
I'd be glad to pay a reasonable price (Aiming for $25-30 & shipping (or a trade), but I will go higher if need be) for a machine in good working and cosmetic condition, or to trade for any item(s) you might want from my sale post (including my 6500/250, which isn't listed in the items for sale)