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7th November 2015, 04:49
I recently got hold of a second Miracle Gold Card 2, so I´m selling one.

The Gold Card 2 comes with: 16MHz 68000 processor, 2MB RAM, FDD controller for up to three DD, HD and ED(!) drives, which gives you 720, 1440 or 3200 KB per disk. It roughly increases the speed of a standard QL by factor four.

Tested and working. The Li-battery is certainly flat and the RTC is something I did not check, but this is normal for a device, that is almost 25 years old. Comes with the manual.

Price 175 GBP plus shipping cost. PayPal as gift or fees to be added. Ask me and I will check postage to your country, e.g. a tracked and insured parcel to the UK is 10 GBP.

96852 96853

7th November 2015, 07:50
Interested. I'll have it.

7th November 2015, 08:33
Replied to Archimedes

7th November 2015, 10:45

14th November 2015, 15:02
Parcel received.
The card was extremely well packed (thanks for the towel :)).

Conforms to what all French people think about something coming from Germany : deutsche-qualität !

Highly recommended seller, truely.

24th November 2015, 14:50
I also left feedback a while ago. Very pleasant contact. Thanks!

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