View Full Version : Closed Wanted: A1200 accelerator/ram expansion (Monitor PLEASE :D )

14th January 2008, 21:11
As title really looking for the best value per pound I can get, I would even consider those 4/8Mb ram only boards at the moment. So what have you got?

Thanks :)

Edit : With 2 kids and a CSI/Corrie/East Enders/Neighbaurs/Columbo/Law & Order/Scrubs and more obsessed girlfriend I NEVER, and I mean NEVER get to use the TV... so I am asking, begging no PLEADING!
I would not leave my Amiga within reach of 2 kids ;)
Has anyone got a suitible Amiga monitor, no matter how beaten, or even if it needs some work.

PLEASE for the love of Amiga :D

21st January 2008, 18:58
i have a commodore 1084 monitor you are welcome to for the price of postage or if you could pick it up depending on your whereabouts.

21st January 2008, 19:12

I have a cm8833 stereo monitor for postage or pick up too :)

I reside (unfortunately) in Norfolk :)

21st January 2008, 19:51
Slightly OT I know, but it's relevant here...

Can you please give each other an indication of location in your profiles, to make this sort of thing easier?



21st January 2008, 20:31
sorry, i'm in north dorset

21st January 2008, 20:51
Thanks for the offers guys, I am located smack bang in the middle of Birmingham :(

I know most parcel companies won't cover CRTs (insurance) in there terms something to do with the tubes, sensible I guess.

If theres a courier that anyone knows that can take a monitor I would gladly pay the postage, how heavy are they Parcel2Go will take upto 25Kgs????

Slighty OT: I got a letter today offering me a loan and you know the first thing I thought was how much Amiga stuff I could buy with that is that wrong? :lol:

21st January 2008, 20:56
I will give them a call in the morning,

as i have done business with them before I know that they have a weight and size regime with parcels, However i think a 14" should make it their specification...

price would be around a tenner.

I shall keep you posted :)

21st January 2008, 21:01

you could buy one of these for around £30

Ebay BIN Item (http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/External-TV-Tuner-Box-For-LCD-TFT-CRT-1440-x-960-LT280_W0QQitemZ170175552560QQihZ007QQcategoryZ3761QQrdZ1QQssPageNameZWD1VQQtrksidZp1638.m118.l1247QQcmdZViewItem)

I have one of these, and i cannot say enough good things about it!!!

from this you can hook-up your Amiga to a regular CRT / TFT LCD and have it not only scan-doubled but also flicker fixed too.

also comes with multiple inputs, Picture in Picture, 100 Chanel RF tuner and remote control clearly awesome!!

I have tested mine with Composite and it was gorgeous to see it hold flicker free 1280*512*256 Super High Res Interlaced screen :D

I am yet to try the SVideo, which will drastically improve the quality and to test if the VGA in will handle as low as 15kHz

so theres some food for thought.

22nd January 2008, 13:38
I've put up a blizzard 1260 in the for sale section if that's any good.. although it may be a bit pricey.. lol

6th February 2008, 23:05
Any news on a price for a monitor guys?
I'm desperate here, I live on the 14th floor and its a 150ft drop, it could get messy :D
For life without Amiga 'ent life.

6th February 2008, 23:26
i'm kinda snowed under til the weekend but i will find out a price for you for one of my 1084s'd on saturday if thats any good.

7th February 2008, 07:39
Sorry DrF,

got a little side tracked...

I will give them a call this afternoon :) it should be around £10 for delivery.

7th February 2008, 08:56
Thats cool, I was looking on eBay but all I found was either faulty or on going bidding wars for a monitor, the womans driving me mad, CSI all the freaking time, then late horror movies and im scared of the dark anyhow.

I have even got a Atari 520STFM out can you belive it.

7th February 2008, 10:19
Have you considered sticking a TV card in the PC? That way you use your existing monitor, just an idea, it's how my Miggy is set up....


7th February 2008, 12:10
Have you considered sticking a TV card in the PC? That way you use your existing monitor, just an idea, it's how my Miggy is set up....


TINY issue with that, if im not allowed the TV, the kids get it and then the woman decides she wants to do 3hr+ group raids or some crap with a smegging load of elfs who keep telling each other they want to "meet in the vally and get some head" etc.

The disease that is World Of Warcraft.

We only have 1 PC since mine blew up 2yrs ago and the long legal fiasco that ensued I declared NEVER to buy another PC again, hence I got my A1200 back out :D :D :D

7th February 2008, 14:02

I spoke to a really nice woman at Parcel2go, alas they wont take CRT's. its not their policy but the policy of their courier contracting thingy.

sorry my friend. i could label it something else I suppose.... but you could end up with a dead monitor costing you £11.99 crazy!

Kin Hell
7th February 2008, 15:08
postvan.com use to be able to do things like this for ya, but are now de-ceased!

These guys could be worth a shout. Royal Fail & Parcel Farce are just a joke!


Best of luck how ever all this turns around.