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14th November 2015, 18:39
Looking for the memory and scsi expansions for the A570 cd rom unit. The scsi is the same as the cd32 i believe.:roll: or was it the cdtv?:unsure:

15th November 2015, 00:03
Same as the CDTV. I managed to score one recently here, and there's bound to be a few floating around due to a recent (approx 12 months ago) group buy for a CDTV SCSI kit. The 2mb expansion is not so easy - however if it helps apparentely it is very simple to make one, being that all you need is the RAM chips because all the interfacing electronics are already within the A570. There's details on the web somewhere :)....perhaps someone would like to do a small run of them? :D

EDIT...here's a link http://vic-20.de/x1541/hardware/a570ram.html

15th November 2015, 00:33
EDIT...here's a link http://vic-20.de/x1541/hardware/a570ram.html

already dropped him a line. will post how i get on.:thumbsup:

23rd November 2015, 07:34
Still looking , and no reply yet!

23rd November 2015, 09:44
I have a spare CDTV SCSI Kit (DIY, unsoldered, never opened) as supplied by Olli (details on AmiBay) if your interested send me a PM.

30th November 2015, 20:46
Payment received for CDTV SCSI kit, will dispatch tomorrow.

3rd December 2015, 13:17
SCSI Kit received today. yay!:thumbsup2:

now i need one for my CDTV.:(

5th December 2015, 22:27
received a reply from nicolas.


unfortunately I don't have any for sale right now. I'm thinking about ordering another batch of PCBs, I will inform you when I have them.