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15th November 2015, 20:59
I have bought this Stefanie Tücking Ball Design about five years ago and already then paid too much for it to begin with, but having seen many pass by, some with minor scratches and faded artwork up to the really rough ones, this was (and still is) a true jewel and I could not resist.

I bought it with confidence as the seller was the first owner who kept it after buying an Amiga 2000 soon after buying this one in the 90s.. he kept it boxed, hence the super condition. There are no damages or discolorations. This machine is in pristine condition and that is why I do have a rough time letting it go, but since I got way too much stuff anyhow, I need to start somewhere.

The Amiga 500 - Stefanie Tücking design comes with a 1.3 Kickstart and is a stock machine without any upgrades or changes made to it.

No damages - No cracks - No yellowing - No faded artwork

A true collector will know its value!

I am asking for this pristine machine €230 (base unit only).

Excluding shipping and PayPal costs (unless using "Friends & Family" gift payment)
For shipping costs please see here: Dutch Postage rates (http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=43472)

15th November 2015, 21:02

15th November 2015, 21:06
Some more images from the back of the machine. As you can see, also here no blemishes or damages of any kind.


Floppy drives works without flaws and I enjoyed a game of Super Cars too :)


Amiga Forever
16th November 2015, 04:42
Interested - second in line

16th November 2015, 08:38
Interested - third in line

16th November 2015, 08:54

Wysłane z iPhone za pomocą Tapatalk

16th November 2015, 10:43

PM Received - Quote submitted as per request.

17th November 2015, 20:08
No response from Hendrik, next in line is Amiga Forever.

Shipping for Amiga Forever to the UK is €21,15

-- edit --

Hendrik mailed me shortly after he is still game.. I will grant him the option to sort out payment today if this is within the rules of this site.

Can a moderator please confirm?

18th November 2015, 15:25
That's acceptable and with the rules as long as the buyer has the funds and is not stalling the sale.

You can wait as long as you want. All we ask is you wait a minimum of 24 hours between messages obviously things can happen to delay this so common sense steps in.

18th November 2015, 15:30
Thank you Sardine. I will give 'Amiga Forever' until tomorrow 5PM to confirm if he wants it since I already quoted him. Otherwise it would be a second chance for 'Hendrik' to decide.

20th November 2015, 10:47
I waited for 'Amiga Forever' but no commitment received. So back to Nr. 1 in the queue (Hendrik) to confirm he wants to buy it. I will PM him now.

20th November 2015, 13:24
I am still interrested if both nr 1 and 2 steps away.

20th November 2015, 20:27
Payment has been received by Hendrik, will pack tomorrow for transport. Thank you for your business Hendrik.

21st November 2015, 10:39
Ready to ship, overkill on packaging and corner protection ;-)

I will PM details on tracking shortly.