View Full Version : Wanted Marathon Series and Pathways Into Darkness Mac Games (NIB, CIB)

17th November 2015, 09:39
Hey guys, I'm currently looking for the following to complete my pre-Halo (minus Myth) Bungie collection.

- Marathon 1 CD Version (sealed in shrinkwrap, for Macintosh)

- Marathon 2: Durandal (sealed in shrinkwrap, for Macintosh)

- Pathways Into Darkness 1st Release Version (complete in the box, for Macintosh)

I'm also looking for sealed Japanese versions of Marathon 1 and 2 for Mac, as well as a complete Japanese version of Pathways Into Darkness, but I doubt anyone here will have them/be able to find them. As for pricing, I would like to pay $70 for each of the above but there's always room for negotiation, so please still PM me if you've got another price in mind.

And here's everything I've got so far, just for reference: http://collectedit.com/collectors/dechief--------8163