View Full Version : Wanted 8372B Agnus

17th November 2015, 23:03
Hi! I'm looking for a 8372B(!) Agnus to get my A3000 alive again. Please let me know if you have one for sale....I'm DYING to see the machine running again. :cool:

Thanks in advance


18th November 2015, 10:00
what happened with original agnus ?

18th November 2015, 11:06
Hi! I don't know.....it's just not working anymore. A friend of mine owns a working A3000, so last weekend, we went manfully to the task of swapping chips -- and it turned out that my A3000 boots up and works as expected, when I plug his 8372B into my machine. So I think it's safe to assume my 8372B is defective, although I never heard of this. That's why I'm in need of a (working) 8372B! (I don't have much hope finding one, though, they're so darn rare.......hmpf!)


18th November 2015, 11:19
strange , never heard about agnus damage , check pins maybe corroded from battery

I think you can find 8375B (318069-03) also for Amiga 3000

18th November 2015, 11:28
Yes, IT IS strange, since I never heard/read about any Agnus chip dying, too, so at first, I was not willing to believe it is damaged. Anyway, I did clean the contacts and performed some other tricks, but to no avail -- it's simply not working in my or my friend's A3000. His 8372B, however, does....

Never heard of a 8375B.......!! Is it a 1:1 replacement? Or does the pin layout differ?

16th May 2016, 19:17
I know this and old thread, but anyway, "a love for an Amiga, is a love for an Amiga" (quotes adapted from 60 Seconds film) :P
Now focus on your issue, have a look on this http://www.amigawiki.de/doku.php?id=de:parts:agnus there's a guide to rework Agnus 8375 for Amiga 2000/3000 might help you :)
Or if you want check my sales I have an A2000 2Mb chip adaptor from WAW, but I gave priority to users who are looking for the adaptor. In case you want to "kill" and adaptor just to salvaged the Agnus :P