View Full Version : Closed Two resident evil games for the Gamecube

20th July 2010, 19:49
Hey guys

wondering if anyone has Resident Evil 2 and 3 Nemesis for sale for the Gamecube?


20th July 2010, 19:59
I do, but they are NTSC, and my wife would kill me if I sold them, she really likes the RE games. Sorry

20th July 2010, 20:11
No worries m8, they are great games. Playing through Zero at the moment. Anyone have either they want to sell?

20th July 2010, 23:56
Ok, spent a lot of cash tonight. I now have Zero, resi 1, resi 2, resi 4, code x. All I need now is resi evil 3 Nemesis if anyone has it :) :thumbsup:

12th August 2010, 14:01
I've been looking for 2 and 3 kinda half arsed for the last year myself lol but I have them on PS1 so not been too eager.
They are great games, I love the series myself. :lol:

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