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20th July 2010, 21:35
Ok, I'll start this one out :)

There's a rainbow over our cabin, well the cabin is there if you look closely :)

OMG, a double rainbow - it's so intence!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQSNhk5ICTI) :ninja:

I'm perhaps too relaxed to get the big catch.

Okay this picture is the catch that Bente made.

I'm doing an exam, my son wanted the tounge to fry it. But I don't know how to cut it out nicely :/

After a long time in the wilderness it was time to head back home to Skjervøy, and what passes there for Civilization :)

A birthday cake for my son since I had to leave before the day.

20th July 2010, 22:14
A few more snaps :)

20th July 2010, 22:15
Final one :)

20th July 2010, 22:22
That looks awesome, totally my kind of holiday.
Mountains, lakes and fishing. :D

Lovely photos too, thanks for sharing.

20th July 2010, 22:27
awesome pics! and the bathtub as a pot LOL
do you own this lovely house arnljot ?

20th July 2010, 23:36

Thanks, I hope more people share their vaccation snaps. It's cool way to get to know you guys. I bet SKD has some pictures of her back (no pun intended) as she's dropping out of a plane, only I have the impression she's usually the designated photographer.

In my second post the first snaps are from the first day at Skjervøy were I grew up in the north. Bente wanted to visit Norways 3rd tallest top on an island, Kågtind at 1228 above sea level. In terms of height it's really low in Norway, but for an island, it's quite impressive.

The next pictures are from Frakkfjorden where our familys cabin is.

It's the first floor of the home my father grew up in. Their family built that house after WWII, and there was ppl in until sometime in the 70s. 77 perhaps. Then the family was given £1000 by the state to move to a more central area.

At one point in the future the cabin and the property will be 50/50 owned between me and my sister. There's only the two of us. But that is hopefully very very long time into the future. My dad is 61 years old.

In 98 we tore down the top floor and the wall facing the sami tent and the fjord. It had gotten too damaged from rot due to broken windows and neglect. My father then bought it from his father and his 8 siblings. And if we ever want to use the place as a home again, we'll only have to pay the government their £1000 back. Intrest free since the 70s.

My father has told me a lot of cool stories about the house, for instance the original red pain which was on the houes since about 1945 was made by my grand father and his brothers. When we tore down the walls in 98 it was still bright red and hardly not aged at all.

On the other hand, the red paint which we coated the outside walls with in 98 is now really showing it's age and is well due for a recoating.

There are two propperties there in the fjord. The one which my father own (from the left hand of the fjord, and 2/3 to the right side), and the propperty which is owned by the relatives of my deseased grandfathers, also deased, brother.

The sami tent which you see(lavvu as it's called), is on the other propperty. The area is full of wasps because of all the reindeer that the sami move through the eara each fall and spring. But we combat it by burning the grass in the bog in may/early june. It seriously reduces the amount and still the HUGE lagopus population in the area still have lots of food, and the rivers are still teeming with trout.

Our immidiate plans is to put in a water pump, and build a well house over the natural well that's on the property. Atm we're carrying about 80 to 100L of water each day from the river which is about just in front of the Lavvu. Next up is to upgrade the engine on Piru (the boat) from 50 horse power to 97 horsepower so that we can cut down the travel time from 3h20m to about 1h20m, Piru is slow and need a little pick me up :D

Ahhh, no the bathtub wasn't used as a pot. We heated bath water in it. The alternative is the running river (coooold, did that twice), the sea or the bathtub. We have camp shower (black bags which you can fill and leave in the sun for hot water). But the bathtub is prima deluxe. So for half a tub of water (110L), you burn 3 or 4 logs for about 1h, and then you have perfect bath water. I filled that tub with 220L of water, walked about 1500 meters (carrying 10L of water half of the way) to fill that tub. I used a 10L bucket, and I estimate that the distance was about 35 meters in a slight uphill. :) It took me 24 trips, I spilled some water on the way. Each bucket was filled to the brim, but I think the tub holds 220L. It took about 3 hours to get to a decent temperature, and the fire was still burning when Bente and I climbed in :) The last picture is me and my cousin (he's about the age of my son) grilling some hot dogs while Bente and I wait for our water to get warm, can't let any of that firewood go to waste

21st July 2010, 00:30
After all that effort, you'd need a bath! :D

I am envious, it looks so peaceful and secluded. My favorite posting was to the North of Scotland a few years ago, and Keely and I just loved the space and peace.
It looks so similar as well, It must be fantastic to just be able to sit in that bath and really relax. :thumbsup:

21st July 2010, 03:33
Beautiful pics, arnjlot. I especially like the rainbows, but the landscape is also fantastic! It looks very peaceful and relaxing there.

21st July 2010, 06:40
Great photos I especially liked the double rainbow shot.

This guy loves double rainbows more than oxygen:


21st July 2010, 06:56
almost reminds me when we were sailing "inskærs" somewhere "close" to Stavanger.

It's just beautiful :-)
glad you had a nice vacation.

and thanks for the pics ;-)

21st July 2010, 07:47
awesome this house not only comes with a history but with a lenghty explanation too :D
That my friend was the ultimate retro experience LOL
I envy this house, looks isolated and quiet! I want one!

23rd July 2010, 12:30
Now, who's next up to share?

Anyone gone some happy snaps to share? :)

23rd July 2010, 12:31
Not THATS how you catch a fish, sod the rod and grab a Pick Axe. :lol:

Beautiful Pic's BTW. :)

Kin Hell
23rd July 2010, 13:26
Nice Pics Arnljot & WOW @ ur Bath. :lol:

There has to be something a little special about taking a break in such wonderful surroundings & not having to worry about anyone else or anything for that matter.

Thank's for sharing m8y. :thumbsup:


23rd July 2010, 20:33
Thats a nice looking cod, bet it was tasty. Beautiful country btw

28th July 2010, 21:55
In the spirit of Arnljot's thread, I've been away on a cycling holiday with some family for a few days.
My Dad is in his 70's and has plans on doing the Lands End to John O'Groats bike ride, so we thought we'd have a warm up with a few days riding around the Isle of Wight and the New Forest.


Me, My Dad and Brother at "the Needles" on the Isle of Wight.


Picture from the Ferry going from Lymington to Yarmouth.


View from the Downs just outside Brook.


A bit of route planning with a pint. :D


Me, My Brother's Fiancee and my Bro pausing for a breather around Godshill.


Ready for the off the next day around the beautiful New Forest.


New Forest Ponies, wander at will through the park......


......in and out of Pub Gardens, across roads and will nick your chips and beer if you're not careful. :)


Burley, a cracking leaping off point for some awesome rides through the vales.


Final day, for a bimble down to Poole along the coast. Unfortunately my Bro had to stay in bed feeling poorly, and he wanted to shake it off before his B'day tomorrow.


Just in-between Bournemouth and Poole.


The Sandbanks Vehicular Chain Ferry.

This was our last little trip out, and we returned to my Parent's house today.

2nd August 2010, 09:23
It looks like an awesome area to bike around in.

Love the picture with the beer hungry horse :thumbsup:

2nd August 2010, 09:33
@Arnljot - Excellent photo's mate - thanks for sharing - looks like an awesome place!

@r0jaws - these are great too. I love the new forest and especially Burley. Years ago when I visited there got the fright of my life when aforementioned horse poked his head over the wall as I was supping my beer - definitely wanted some hehe. I do a fair bit of cycling myself but never cycled down there - looks great. Nicest place I cycle just now is the Trossachs area in Scotland. Lovely hills lol :)