View Full Version : For Sale Amiga 600 Base System. 2.05 Rom, no FDD, no keyboard,

24th November 2015, 15:59
Dear All!

I found a old A600 system in one of my relocation boxes.

I did not test it but i assume it is working. It is incomplete. FDD and Keyboard are missing.

However it is one of the rare v1.5 Made in Thailand boards with 2.05 ROM and Metal shielding. These systems were put together in Germany when Commodore was nearly bankrupt. In these days, they simply used what they had to build something they could sell.

I do not know if it is working, so i am selling "as is".

Calling 50 EUR.
Delivery charges EUR 15 within EU.

27th November 2015, 15:37
Hello DannyK22. Not yet declaring interest but how are the clips of the case?

27th November 2015, 15:37
Actually yes. Declaring interest. :)