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6th September 2008, 10:19
The FastATA 1200 controller features represent the ultimate technology in its category:

Fast transfer rate of up to 16.6MB/s
The FastATA controller with its maximum transfer rate of 16.6MB/s in the PIO 4 mode offers a huge capacity reserve for fast mass storage devices, especially for fast hard drives. Therefore, applications may run much faster if they can count on fast access to large data files.

Support for ATAPI standard devices
The FastATA 1200 controller implements the ATAPI standard as well, for use with devices like CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, ZIP, LS-120, DVD drives. This enables connection of ATAPI-standard devices to the Amiga with no need of installing additional software.

Two buffered and terminated EIDE ports
The controller operates with two EIDE ports, which enable installation of up to 4 IDE/EIDE/ATAPI devices. Both controller ports are fully buffered and terminated in accordance with the recommendations set forth in the ATA-3 specification. Compatible with PIO-0, PIO-3, PIO-4, ATA/33, ATA/66, ATA/100 ATA/133 devices.

Full compatible with HDDs of over 4GB
Limitations on support for >4GB HDDs have been
eliminated in the FastATA 1200 controller. The FastATA 1200 controller may be used with >4GB HDDs with any FastFileSystem used.

Automatically configured devices
The controller automatically recognises any device attached to it, negotiates the highest possible data transfer rates, switches the device into its appropriate mode and transfers data at the maximum transfer rate.

Automatic processor type recognition
The FastATA 1200 controller automatically detects type of processor and optimises and modifies some software routines in order to achieve the highest possible data transfer rate between the controller and the computer memory.

32-bit access
The computer recognises the controller as a 32-bit device configured in the motherboard IDE port space. Full 32-bit operation of the controller combined with very efficient software guarantee significant increase in the speed of your computer.

I am selling this card and it's latest drivers for 60 Eur. I accept paypal payment or Bank Transfer and I can ship worldwide.

The card I am selling (MK-ii version) is almost new and it is working 100% at the high speed.
After you buy the card, you can registered (with the Serial Number of the card) with Elbox, to receive future driver updates.

Thank you for reading