View Full Version : Closed SNES (PAL) nice white with two controllers

27th November 2015, 12:43

I'm looking for a nice white SNES (PAL) console with two or more controllers.
Does not have to come with games.
Special controllers like the honeybee or similair is a plus.


Update: apologies wrong section, can a moderator move this thread please?

27th November 2015, 12:49
I have boxed like new condition. But I do not know if it will worth it to post to you since the postage is quite costly.

27th November 2015, 13:08
PM is on it's way

@MadMaxGR, as mentioned in the PM, thank you for your offer but unfortunately I have to pass. I'm looking for a nice playable set and your set is more a collectors item.
But I appreciate your responds and offer.

30th November 2015, 20:44
@moderators, I found a nice set locally, please close this thread. Thanks!