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21st July 2010, 00:32
Can't believe I'm the first to post in this Area. :D
Anyway, here goes.
I've got a pile of games that I have tested out, and they all load Ok.
All price are without postage and I'm happy to do a deal for multiple purchases.

Ghostbusters (Good condition with instructions) 2 [SOLD on another forum]
Ghosts 'n Goblins (Good condition with instructions) 3
The Ninja Warriors (Good condition with instructions & Poster) 2
Batman (Good condition with instructions) 2
Dynamit Dux (Fair condition with instructions) 2
Chase HQ (Good condition with instructions) 3
Thunderbirds (Fair condition with instructions & Theme music Tape) 4
Double Dragon,Big Box (Fair condition with instructions) 2
The Gold Collection III (Fair condition with instructions) 3
Platoon, Big Box (Fair condition with instructions in Eng & Deutch, Poster, Cast Photo & Smokey Robinson music tape) 3 [SOLD on another forum]
The Munsters (Good condition with instructions) 2
Winter Games (Fair condition with instructions) 2
Dodgy Geezers (Fair condition with instructions) 1
Licence to Kill (Fair condition with instructions) 2
Konami Coin Op Hits (Fair condition no instructions, only 1 tape with Hyper Sports, Mikie & Ping Pong) FREE
Highlander (Case cracked with instructions) 1
Paperboy (Fair condition with instructions) 2
Turbo Outrun (Fair condition) 2
The Running Man (Case Broken with instructions) 2
California Games (Good condition with instructions) 2
The Sports Pack (Fair condition with instructions) 2
Sam Fox, Strip Poker (Fair condition with instructions) FREE [SOLD on another forum]
Amstrad Action Pack (Fair condition) FREE
The Galactic Plague (Fair condition) FREE

Also, I have a collection of instructions you can have for free if you pay the postage.

Trivial Pursuit
Timeman One
Animal Vegetable Mineral
Easy Amsword
Summer Games

I've now listed these games on another website, so some items may be taken elsewhere. I will update the listings as appropriate.

23rd July 2010, 23:28
I'm on Holiday for the next fortnight and will be back home on the 12th August.
I will still be online every now and then, but will be unable to get accurate quotes for shipping, or send out any items until I return.
Please bear with me until then.
Thanks. :)

26th August 2010, 09:32
I'd be interested in buying any of these you still have remaining.

Could you let me know the shipping charge and total cost of any games you haven't yet sold?

26th August 2010, 10:49
All the games not currently marked as sold are available, I'll send you a PM with some details.

26th August 2010, 21:20
All remaining games sold to ihate56k.

6th September 2010, 21:47
ihate56k has received all the games, feedback left.