View Full Version : Found Atari 65XE Freddie chip

6th December 2015, 14:25
I'm looking for Freddie chip for my Atari or cheap motherboard. UK preferable. Thanks

I plan to spend max 10 plus postage, but because I don't know value, please make me an offer

6th December 2015, 16:37
how much are you looking at paying [including postage]?
i have a spare populated board

6th December 2015, 20:48
As cheap as possible of course 😁 Make me an offer

6th December 2015, 23:01
surely - it's the other way round...you make me an offer

7th December 2015, 12:15
I actually have some of these chips brand new old stock :)

7th December 2015, 21:05
To be fair I don't know. I thought max 10 plus postage? I had an Atari when I was a kid and thats why I bought it. It should work, but when it has arrived there is no display. One of the memory chips is getting hot so I've ordered 8 of them to have a spare one but I've read that also Freddie can die with memory so I want to be prepared 😊. Anyway I always dreamed about Amiga so I've bougha a600 and a1200 and I know prices for Amiga components, but not for Atari. If it is not enougha please make me an offes

10th December 2015, 09:50
I bought from ST-Freakz. Thanks. Payment sent

21st December 2015, 10:20

I also have some more NEW old stock XL "Freddie" chips - 10 each

other chips available also..

4th January 2016, 11:21
Item has arrived, feedback left. Many thanks