View Full Version : Wanted Atari VCS Woody bottom part of case

8th December 2015, 20:43
if anyone can help I'm looking for the plastic base (with label preferably) for an Atari VCS Woody

no cracks or breaks to the plastic please

11th December 2015, 13:43
Are the bottoms the same if it is a 4-switcher or a 6-switcher?

11th December 2015, 15:28
can't remember

screw holes may be in different positions or less of them?

could you take a pic of the base? :0)

11th December 2015, 16:15
this one is for a wooden 4-switcher, but no label !

11th December 2015, 19:18
Not suitable for 6 switch, apart from fixing holes, the 6 switcher needs cut outs for the ports and power.