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10th December 2015, 05:43
Hi all,

Thank you for looking!

I'm interested in buying a Macrosystem Draco Vision - often called Draco Cube. I'm interested in getting a complete system with accessories like the Draco Wheel - the jog controller. Also looking for the supplemental software like Monument Titler, Adorage, XiPaint, the effects and fonts modules, etc.

I'd like to buy this from one person but I'm not stuck on the idea. If I get pieces from several people but still end up with everything I'm looking for, I'd be just as happy. Either way I'd be thrilled!

Sellers would have to accept PayPal - my bank doesn't do IBAN. Of course I would pay all PayPal fees.

Thanks everyone,

Specifications I'm most interested in are:
CPU - 68060 50Mhz minimum - overclocked is OK
RAM - any amount - I can always install more
Hard drives - at least one bootable with the software installed to show that it's working
Altais (sp?) video card with 4MB
Draco Motion
DV module

Installation media for all software
Documentation is a big plus

30th December 2015, 14:16

24th February 2016, 17:54
Still looking

25th May 2016, 13:22
I have it (almost). Only missing things from desired list of options are DraCo wheel and Sony 1394 DV board onboard. 1394 board can be found and installed separately. It was quite common DV board back in the day. DV board is only compatible with MovieShop, no other software could use it.

Otherwise the Cube is complete with Adorage, XiPaint and MovieShop 5. I will PM as soon as I have some progress with the VLab Motion discussed on the other thread.

26th May 2016, 04:32
Sounds good. Sending PM.

4th July 2016, 17:57

28th October 2016, 04:28
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