View Full Version : Wanted Amiga 4000 motherboard, working

10th December 2015, 09:29
Hello i am looking for a working A4000 motherboard, in working conditions, with no or little leak damage.this is for a friend.

10th December 2015, 21:03
I'm parting out my A4000D Rev 2. Its currently complete with everything other than a CPU card. It was sold. Please send a PM with an offer. I would prefer to get rid of the entire A4000D as is and not pull out the motherboard. Would be willing to let it go for a fair price as a unit without a CPU card. No battery leaks and its got a newer coin battery on it right now. PM email and I can send you a picture of it.

10th December 2015, 21:36

Thank you for the offer, but i already have all the other components, plus a dead motherboard,
I just need the replacement board to reassemble his system again.

10th December 2015, 21:58
I can offer you a fully reworked A4000 board.
This will incude new ceramic capacitors, new SIMM sockets with metal latches from MOLEX and a new coin cell with protection Diode.
There will be no Kickstart-ROMīs. There will be a new laser cut bezel for the mouse and joystick ports made of stainless steel.

But there is one hitch: I have to do the repair, test and rework job first...
...and my free time is limited.

I would try to do the rework in the next two weeks and get back to you when it is finished.

The price for the board will be 250 EUR + shipping to Italy.

10th December 2015, 22:57
ok i'll wait then, in the meanwhile i will confirm with my friend if the price is right for him.
Thank you for your offer.